Sondra’s Story – Avelox Side-Effects


Sondra Lareau 03/29/11

Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome
I was floxed in October of 2005. I had an ear infection or a sinus infection.. don’t remember which. I was given Avelox. I never finished the script.
… I didn’t have the slightest idea what was going on. It started with what was an apparent panic attack in Lowes and shit just went downhill from there. I had never had a panic attack I thought I was having a heart attack. lol
Driving to the store I thought I was going to pass out..I pulled over and a complete stranger drove me to the ER. They said it was my blood sugar although they couldnt swear to it.
I had a few more trips to the ER and my doctor.. never any answers. I just kept getting worse.
I ended up with tremors 24/7, panic attacks, vertigo, floaters, headaches, sound and light was painful, twitches, moving was painful, I couldn’t drink coffee or dark soda, couldn’t sleep and then slept all the time.

I had pretty much lost control of my body aside from functions at the time.. I lost those about 6 weeks later. I was bedridden for close to 2 months. I laid in the dark, alone with no radio or tv for about 6 of those weeks. I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t take care of my kids or myself. I was on klonopin. I went for a brain MRI and they found an arachnoid cyst the size of a fist..but that is actually unrelated and doesn’t do a whole lot. Still a scary thing to find out..
Anyway.. I had been doing some internet research and found FQ Toxicity. When I saw a neaurologist I mentioned it to him and he pulled out this huge book and he said yes.. that could be it. But my regular doctors didnt want to hear anything about it. It didnt
I saw a brain surgeon and he said if the cyst it isn’t giving me any trouble.. leave it alone. I went for a heart stress test. I have a leaky valve in my heart.. doesn’t mean much now..but something to watch. Blood work out the wazoo.. and they still couldn’t figure out WTF was wrong with me.
I lost 40 lbs.
Cried all the time.
Life totally sucked.
And then.. my husband at the time told me that he didnt want to be married anymore. He couldnt handle it.
Later it got to where I couldn’t eat, drink, sleep, use the bathroom..that lasted for 4 days.
To make a long story short.. I ended up in the hospital with my organs shutting down. I was in the hospital for 6 days and was prescribed paxil for depression( you would be too at that point!) stopped the tremors and all the other CNS issues. The paxil interrupts the messages from my nerves to my brain.
So I can survive like a relatively normal human being again. I have alot of joint pain and nervousness. Certain noises hurt my ears. I get chest pounding sometimes.I am tired 24/7. I could sleep..and sleep.
I am different now.
Im alot more cautious, I cant do certain things or take certain meds.
Its been over 5 years now. I’m still on the paxil, cant get off of it or the CNS stuff all comes back

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