Levaquin Story – Harm of a 17 Year Old

FQwall Teen Hospital



I’m throwing up, nauseous, and I can’t eat. I can’t walk very much, my legs start shaking and hurt when I stand for too long. I have numbness/sharp pains in my feet, my wrists hurt so bad that I can’t text, can barely type and I can’t hold a glass without dropping it. I haven’t been dealing with the side effects for very long, but anyone who has dealt with this one day knows that even one day is TOO many! Thank you Levaquin for messing up my body.


I was prescribed Levaquin and I’m only 17. I’ve had pneumonia, bronchitis and a sinus infection for about a month now, and the zpacks and everything else just wasn’t cutting it. I’m also type 1 diabetic which makes it 10x harder to fight anything off to begin with. I was kind of hesitant to take the Levaquin to begin, and I wish I’d trusted my gut instinct, after taking it 5 times, 500 mgs, I started feeling extremely sick to my stomach, and had intense sharp pains in my legs and feet, and severe pain in my wrists and arms. I went to my pediatrician and he didn’t know very much about how severe some of the side effects can be. He did a bunch of things like feeling my legs, which are extremely “tender” along. But wasn’t able to help me. I hope this doesn’t last forever.


2 thoughts on “Levaquin Story – Harm of a 17 Year Old

  1. So sorry for those suffering bad effects. Thank you for posting to alert and warn others like me who may have been prescribed this drug!. All new meds should be researched to some extent …..I have even learned that nitrofurantoin prescribed to stop frequent Urinary infections does work for that, BUT may be what has caused me to have a n incurable, untreatable , terminal lung fibrosis or interstitial lung disease! Take care as much as possible!

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