Rest in Peace Mike – Cipro Poisoning

FQwall Connie

Per Connie, Mike’s widow, “He passed away in 2012 at the age of 55. He had the nerve damage, tendon ruptures, depression, suicide attempts and many more injuries after taking Cipro. I don’t have a lawyer or any lawsuits. I post where I can so that what happened to him won’t be forgotten.”

Here is Mike’s story –

Rest in peace, Mike.  You won’t be forgotten.

5 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Mike – Cipro Poisoning

  1. That’s not a picture of me. I am Connie or known as “ciprovictimalso”. It is now the year 2014. My husband passed away in 2012. That story was written about him. I still miss him though. I aged quite a bit since all this began in 1998. I’m still around though. Still posting when I can to what happened to him. Thank you for not forgetting him and putting what happened to him here.

    • I’m sorry for saying that the pic was you, Connie! I assumed because it was the pic in the story. Is there another picture that you would like me to use? Or I can just take it out. I apologize about that!

      • It’s quite alright Lisa. I’m not offended at all. The writer of that article used that picture for some reason. I have no idea who it is. I only mentioned it because I didn’t want to feel like I was deceiving anyone. I’ve always been up front about everything that happened to Mike. You can leave that picture if you wish.

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