Chris’s Story – Cipro Side-Effects

FQwall Chris

Christopher Dobbert

I was prescribed Cipro last April by the on-call surgeon before I was discharged from hospital after having emergency surgery. I was taking it for 5 days, when I went to see the surgeon who did the surgery. He was shocked that it was prescribed to me. He made a comment that it was a Nasty Drug….Didn’t think much about it until I started having severe pain all over my body and in 50% increase in the number of Migraine headaches per month. Seen to Neurologist and severe Internal Medicine Specialist and until now I have basically been told that its my imagination. I just recently went to see a Rheumatologist, where I was told I have Fibromyalgia and possibly Sjogrens or Lupus. It was when I mention this to my friend, she told me of her friend that was having severe reaction to Avelox. I look it up and found that its same category as Cipro. Wow, I was shocked!

Could this answer my question as to why I feel like I am 80 years old when I am only 41. Please feel free to contact me with any information you may have or info for my doctors.

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