Elliott’s Story – Levaquin Poisoning


I too have been stricken with the terrible side effects of Levaquin. Had multiple courses of the drug for pneumonia before getting hit with all of the terrible toxicity impacts in mid-January. Since getting off the drug I have been fortunate that things have gotten better a little at a time. I know my life has changed, but at least… I am not dealing with the debilitating pain of feeling like an 80 year old man when I am only 50.

I will write my story more fully to share with others….but wanted to share some of the things that have helped me. First and foremost was reading “The Levaquin Tendonitis Solution” by Kerri Knox. It was eye opening and pointed me down some valuable paths. Here are some things I did that I believe have helped me eliminate most of the pain. Hopefully I can exercise again soon.

One thought on “Elliott’s Story – Levaquin Poisoning

  1. My name is Mia . I’ve been floxed .. ever since I’ve taken ciprofloxin and Levofloxacin my life has not been the same . Everyday I’m in pain , I can’t hardly walk or get out of my bed . It’s effected my motor skills , I use to love to draw but now it’s so hard for me just hold a pencil in my hand . I now suffer from thyroid issues that’s gone into nodules. I have tendentitious , neurothophy, GI , anxiety , light sensitivity, depression , hair loss , liver , IBS . I feel like I’m about 80 years old , when I’m only in my 50’s . I’m in the United States .. and I e been trying to fight this POISION meds. But nobody wants to hear it . . Because it generic brand . It doesn’t matter , because it’s doibg the same thing as the regular brand . It’s killing us one by one . This is no kinda of life . I use to be active and going out and being around family and friends . All I want to do now is cry because I’m in a lot of pain . My muscles are so stiff day after day .. it gets harder . I put heating pads after heating pads . Nothing! Seem”s to work . 😪

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