Susan’s Story – Levaquin Side-Effects

FQwall Susan Pic

My name is Susan Price, I am a victim of Levaquin and have had 14 surgeries to fix torn tendons. I have been floxed forever! I am attaching a picture of myself and youngest grandson. I pay for days after holding him in my arms. I think the drug companies involved should be held accountable and responsible for the damage and devastation they have caused, by releasing this life altering drug, hiding the information, and financially benefiting at other people’s expense.

One thought on “Susan’s Story – Levaquin Side-Effects

  1. Hi my name is Mia . I’ve been floxed .. I’ve been taking ciprofloxin since 2007 to 2014 . Then the generic for Levaquin. My life has not been the same . The doctors prescribed this POISION for UTI and sinus infections. Now I have GI issues along with liver , thyroid , muscles , tendinitis, migraines , depression , anxiety . Every day is a struggle for me to get out of bed and walk . I tried to reach out to attorney’s to listen to my story but no one was to listen because I’ve taken the generic brand . I can’t hardly take any antibiotics because I’m either allergic or it upsets my stomach . I’m trying to raise awareness on the generic brand .. it’s just as bad as the regular antibiotics.

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