Lou’s Story – Levaquin Poisoning

FQwall Lou

In September of 2011 my Dad was admitted to the hospital because he fell in  his house bending to get his shoes. He was 93 years old and sharp as a tack. He did crossword puzzles all day long while smoking his cigars. He walked a lot and still drove. He lived alone and had a wonderful lady friend. When I got the call that he was in the hospital I told the nurse, no FQs although why would they use antibiotics for a fall but I wanted to warn them anyway. We drove from NC to FL the next morning and by the time I saw him he was not the same man I spoke to a day before. He was hallucinating. I asked the dr what happened and he said they THOUGHT he had pneumonia so they IV’d him with one bag of Levaquin. Guess nobody got my orders. He never had pneumonia and he never stopped hallucinating for the next 6 weeks when he died on November 5th 2011. Fluoroquinolones should definitely not be given to the elderly.

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