Becky’s Story – Cipro side-effects



in 2006 around july time i had cystis didnt think much of it and stacked up on barley water and bought some over the counter stuff you mix with water, after few weeks it got so bad i remember havin to get up in the night in agony
over a peroid of a month i went downhill tried a few presciptions but it eased for bit then came back so bad i ended up in hospital thanx to a friend of mine as doctor said just sleep it off.

There i had my first dose of cipro im pressuming i had it on iv, They kept me in for just under week and i was sent home with a 2 week 500mg course of cipro tablet form.

I started to feel dizzy on and off but just thought it was because i had been terrible ill. after a month i started to get worse again bad pains in my back and feeling the need to go to the loo alot and very tired so went back to doctor and again they gave me cipro that happened for a further 4 more courses of cipro over a peroid of 6 months after intial kidney infection. I remeber the doctor saying this is like bleach it will kill everything. I wish i took note then but trusted them.

Finally in june 2007 my parents paid for me to see kidney specialist to find out why i was ill all time and he said my kdneys were ok and i didnt need anymore antibiotics he said my bladder had become so dry for some reason and that was causing problem.
In that time i begain to feel like i was so anxious and couldnt keep still my whole body was shaking and my daughter noticied my head would shake too, went back to doctors who prescibe me antidepressants which im glad i never took.

I was a keen athelete and thought getting back into the gym would do me good. not so after a few classes i begain to feel pain in my rotor cuff and began physio and then my neck started to bother me at first intermitent and then i noticied i couldnt turn to the left when walking.

this got so bad i remember tying a scarf around my neck as i felt like the ercorsist and my head wouldnt stop turning im sure if my neck would have let it it would have gone round and round.

Again i went back to doctors and told them again they said it was nerves and only after i kept complaining they sent me for xray.
no signs of a problem so they said.  
but the whole thing just got worse and worse and i began looking for a answer i came across cervical dystonia and eventually got to see a nuro which my parents again payed for. by this time i begain to feel dizzy more and more.

Then in september time i was at my parnets having dinner i sudenly became very ill feeling got up and my legs went at bottom and everything went wierd and i begain havin some sort of siezure and i couldnt talk it was all comming out wrong like going over words but not getting them out right. my parents called ambulance and they rushed me in thinking i had stroke.
Spent 3 days in hospital and they just couldnt find out what had caused it.

by this time my wieght was plumeting i think i was down to 7 stone.

These siezures came alot in the next few months and the vertigo became really bad with vision disturbed.

I had countless tests and to date 4 mri scans all they could find was small cyst or break in membranes on t7 section of spinal cord which my neuro dosent think will cause anything above that area or siezure or dystonia. so tests have been put of to investigate it untill now.

Over the past 4 years i have spent 3 weeks in hospital i also had termination last year as i have felt so bad and didnt know what was wrong with me that i just couldnt bring a child into the world. This really upset me as i always wanted another baby.
They have always flattley refussed to accept it is anything to do with cipro as i have asked since start as before the kidney infection i was very fit attending gym atleast 4 times a week for over 8 years.

The last few months im now expericencing problems with my knees and my legs burn in calf area so bad it feels like there being boiled. and i feel like im standing on moving floor most of the time.
I can only descibe my other tendon problems like im a puppet and have strings all down my body and someone just keeps tightening them in waves, like im hooked up and i cant move properly.

I missed out the muscle twithching i have had this in first few months so bad after the last 2007 dose of cipro you could visiable see them moving around under skin and my fingers have moved around on own and no my small toes on right foot move outwards. The vertigo has been like someone smashing me over head with brick and i cant speak or move and it comes in waves my legs feel weak when this happens too, although since christmas this year i found ginko helped with this, although i have ongoing balance issues.
I probably left loads out but its about the gist of things.

Its been a journey of hell and i wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy.
My doctors dont want to know me and last time helped me back to my car with nurse and script for valium. why give that to someone with extreme vertigo i will never know and have complained but i think because of all the tests i have had done and no answers they must have me down as mad or something.

Its destroyed my life and sometimes i think about ending it and then i have a good day again and it saves me,
Through all this i have kept my job as hairdresser but only do my regular clients and when im really bad i try to do a few at home it a strange way it helps me to keep going as i think that would be last straw.
I dont go out anymore i dont drink and i watch everything i eat, i cant go to the gym or shopping or even taking the dog out on my own because of my balance im scared i wont get back. I dont know what to say about improvements i guess my dystonia has become more managable and i dont have botox anymore as im scared to put anymore poisen into my body.

the tirendness and anxiety and most of the muscle twithching has gone.
the smashing over the head feeling and bad vertigo is more or less gone.
I guess its just time i cant say anything has really helped and i have tried alot of things.
my heart goes out to you all.
I guess my reaction was slow but more neurological.

stay strong keep as active as you can and dont let it beat you xx

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