Lorri’s Story – Cipro Poisoning

Lorri FQwall

I am not the best with computers but I will try to tell my
story. I was given cipro and flagyl in July 2011 for a
“suspected” bacterial infection by a nurse practitioner. I
have a history of anxiety/depression and IBS which she was
well aware of. I did not realize it but I had taken cipro
before in 2010 when I had a cyst removed. I felt so bad
after taking it, I asked for it to be changed after 2 days
and they did and I felt better. Well, after taking cipro in
July I got severe diarrhea after day 8 and I mean SEVERE. I
had taken flagyl once before about 3 yrs. ago and it caused
some stomach issues but it was nothing like this. I stayed
on the toilet for almost 8 hrs. Finally, I stood up, looked
in the toilet and saw blood (sorry if tmi). That was my
first trip to the er. ER doc said probably a fissure from
straining, go to your dr. on Mon. This was on a Fri. night.
On Sat., I completely lost my mind – had the worst panic
attacks and anxiety EVER. I had anxiety before but never
like this and I had it mostly under control with a natural
remedy. Well, not anymore! It was downhill from there to
the point where I was ready to die. Went back to np on Mon.
She said yes, probably fissure, my IBS was probably acting
up and guess what, my bloodwork was back (that was done 4
days after starting cipro). So.. no bacterial infection, I
never even needed an antibiotic! I told her about all the
mental problems I was having and asked if she could give me
something to control the horrible anxiety and she said that
was impossible, cipro COULD NOT cause those type of
reactions and she would absolutely not give me anything
addictive.(But, it was ok to give me poison!) Bloodwork
showed blood sugar was a little high so she said I was most
likely diabetic (what! never been high before) and I should
start taking something for it. Also, my bp was 140/90, so
she put me on bp meds and sent me to have an abdominal
ultrasound because of the severe diarrhea and stomach pain.
Ultrasound was ok and when I went back for followup, my bp
was 86/60. I took myself off of bp meds and changed dr.’s!
Before I could see the new dr. I had a severe panic attack,
thought I was having a heart attack and wound up back at the
er. I was very depressed by this time, thinking I was
headed to a mental ward. EKG was good, bloodwork good
except for blood sugar a little high but less than before.
I did not know what was going on, called my parents and
scared them to death, told them to please help my husband
with the kids because I was on the way out. That night I
started googling my symptoms and found “askapatient” which
eventually led me to this page and I was saved! Thank God!
I finally figured out what was going on. Went to new dr.
(internist) who was great but didn’t really believe what I
was telling him. He really helped me though, gave me
klonopin to help with anxiety, checked bp LOTS of times and
it averaged 117/75. No bp meds! Had me to check blood
sugars for a month, they were fine. I have slowly gotten
myself back after 4 months of pure hell. I got my stomach
under control by taking metamucil and probiotics. The
anxiety and “brain fog” is so much better that I am not
using the klonopin at all. I had mild acid reflux before
but after cipro it became BAD. That was one of the things
that made me think I was having a heart attack. It is
mostly under control now with prilosec. I have a LOT of
pain in neck, back of head, shoulders and upper back that I
never had before. Went to chiro and turned out I had a
pinched nerve- still working on that. The heating pad is my
new best friend! Before cipro I walked 2 to 3 miles every
morning, for a while I couldn’t walk at all, then I could
walk but I felt dizzy, breathless, and faint. That has
gradually gotten better. I can walk about a mile now before
my calves and shins start to cramp up and burn. I am
feeling more like myself so there is hope! At one time I
was in complete despair. My whole family has suffered
through this as you all know and I have told everyone I can
not to take this horrible poison. I’m sure cipro has saved
people who have had bad infections and were at death’s door
but it IS NOT for everyone and I think there should be a way
to screen for this BEFORE you take it. I also believe it
makes any health issues you have 1000 times worse and should
only be used as a last resort. This is my LONG, LONG story
and if you read it all- bless your heart! I would be glad
to help anyone I can if there are any questions you have,
just ask.

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