Nick’s Story – Levaquin Poisoning

Nick FQWall
Hello. My name is Nick Santino. I live in the NYC/Long Island area. I am 29 years old. I feel like I am 100 years old. My life was normal and I was a functional person prior to taking Levaquin in October of 2011. I had environmental allergies and I would get headaches and sinus infections from time to time but other than that I was normal. I had taken must lower doses of Levaquin in the past which could explain why I was getting the pressure headaches and at one time I had problems with focusing my vision. After taking 750mg of Levaquin for 14 days for a sinus infection I developed severe attacks of vertigo that sent me to the hospital. This occurred a few days after finishing the Levaquin treatment. During those immediate days following the last pill I didn’t feel like myself. I was weak and just felt weird. My allergist was the one who prescribed the Levaquin. It was obviously an overdose. I do not know if I should sue him. I have been sick for 7 months now. Over these past 7 months I have been getting worse. My most severe symptoms are: loss of balance, constantly dizzy (especially when turning my head), extreme fatigue, blurry/double vision, pains in my right arm hand leg and foot and hyperacusis. It is extremely difficult to do anything. I am basically disabled. Even thinking is hard. I drag myself to work every day. I do not know how much longer I can do it. I walk with a cane but it just helps me drag myself along. I have been to many many conventional doctors who have done many tests. No one knows what to do. I have been told I have fibromyalgia, ataxia, autoimmune diseases, Candida and other things. I should also mention that I was given a round of Cipro back in February of 2011 for an intestinal infection from eating a bad shrimp salad from a NYC salad place.

My finance left me in April. She didn’t believe I was sick. She thought I was making up the whole thing just not to get married. She also became very selfish and said she had to leave and think of herself. So I have lost the love of my life, my independence, had to drop out of my masters degree program and my life in general. Now my job is on the line. I do not know if I should go on disability or sue the doctor. I am searching for something anything that can relieve my disabling symptoms. Has anyone been successful with alternative treatments for loss of balance, dizziness, chronic fatigue, hearing sensitivities and vision problems? Glutathione? Ozone? Hydrogen peroxide? Diet? Supplements? Hyperbaric chamber? It seems like I have developed autoimmune diseases. Does any of this get better with time? Will I ever get my life back? I have been seeing an alternative doctor but all she has given me are some injections, Klonopin, Diflucan and supplements and told me to stay away from gluten, sugar and dairy. I know people have said to stay away from soy and meat with antibiotics in it. So what do you eat? I am sick of people saying what not to eat. So what do you eat? Just vegetables? I have lost almost 30lbs since getting floxed. I am so weak and frail. I made another appointment with another alternative dr who has more experience. Maybe he can help me. As I said my symptoms are increasing in intensity.

If anyone has any helpful information please share it with me. I am praying that I do not die from this and that I do not become disabled for life. I want my life back more than anything. I have learned how precious life is and that some people just think of themselves (my ex-fiancé and the drug companies and doctors and the FDA). This Levaquin thing is a complete and utter nightmare. What is going on? We are not suppose to just survive during our lifetime but we are suppose to live during our lifetime. If people take care of their bodies they have a chance at living life. We all did that. We got some kind of infection and then were destroyed by the medical/drug world. Our lives were denied us by evil money sucking drug companies and the FDA. On top of all that I am an only child and my family was relying on me to keep our family going. If I die without a family of my own then my family dies off. Please, any help would be most appreciative.

I hope we somehow/someday get an answer into what these drugs are doing to our bodies before it is too late.

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  1. Nick, I feel terrible for you, and I know exactly how you feel. I’m going through the exact same set of symptoms as a reaction to Noroxin (a Flouroquinolone similar to Cipro). I was told all of the same things; that I had an auto immune disease, candida, thyroid problems, general depression, anxiety… No one considers that these drugs are causing this much damage.
    For me, it was in March that I was hit. Vision problems, floaters, dizziness, weakness, vertigo, depersonalization, hearing issues, random severe muscle pains…
    Here’s what I believe has helped me the most:
    -Lots of Magnesium
    -Mitovive for Mitocondrial damage
    -Drink tons of water
    -Eat lots of greens
    -Get angry, then use that to fuel your willpower to keep limping along. I know what it’s like; everyday little tasks that you never thought twice about are now serious efforts. You have to keep going though, and remember that you will get better. Lisa helped me out of my funk, and I’m now back to working my 17 hour photo shoots. You’re at war now; keep fighting, and when you win, we can fight to lift the covers from the dirty pharmaceutical game of chance that is being played with our lives.

    Godspeed you!

  2. Nick…sorry to hear your troubles. Your body is trying to heal itself, even though it may not feel like it. Rest and time will make a big difference. Just wanted to share with you that yesterday I watched the video for the Epley maneuver for vertigo (… don’t know if you’ve ever seen it or if it will help you. Also, Dr. Kendal Stewart down in Texas is an expert on vertigo. You can look him up online. He has a lot of youtube videos, too. His supplement co is Neurobiologix.

  3. Nick,

    I could have written your story. I have many of the same issues, except I’m far more severe. I have made significant progress (over 6 years now) and I know of/do many things that will help you.

    Send me a friend request if your brain works well enough, if not hve soneone do it for you. Also, CHECK MY BLOG.

    I have a LOT of stuff on there you’ll find helpful. Especially my Glutathione IVs (I do them myself) that have had a HUGE impact. You WILL want to contact me as you exhibit symptoms that are hard for many Drs to understand an that I myself have become intimately familiar with. Ik know what to do when and for what, I will be of big help to you. I am living proof that attitude, strength, belief all play a role. Further, I have yet to hear of anyone as severe as I am mking nearly as much progress as I have. Writing this is hard (all writing is), but I’m here to offer you a light at the end of your tunnel.

    Your Brother in Fight,

  4. Nick,
    Thank you for this avenue of information. I’m a 29 year old that used to work full time and run a small business. Now, i’m about to lose my job and cannot put many hours into my business at all.
    I received massive doses of Levaquin through IV in the hospital to treat pneumonia.
    A week after I arrived to the hospital is when my nightmare truly began. The first symptom was congestive heart failure, then; came the pain. Indescribable pain (feels like acid flowing through your veins). Now, I cannot keep from shaking uncontrollably, balance problems, memory loss, insomnia, retinal tears. I have gone to 8 different specialists and all of them have either closed their door on me or have stated that these are psycological problems. I provided all of these “specialists” with a 25 page packet and a side effect presentation on a flash drive.
    I am blessed to have one doctor that has studied these antibiotics extensively and is willing to go through this by my side; although, managing the pain is impossible at this point.
    I am one year out from receiving these antibiotics and don’t feel any better if not worse. After being an active young person saying these side effects are devistating is an understatement. The pain prevents me from getting out of bed quiet a bit. I never thought I would have to tell the doctor that just walking to a faucet to get a glass of water is a major effort.


    • I am so sorry for all that you are going through, Neal! There is nothing okay about crippling a 29 year old with a chemo drug masquerading as an antibiotic.

      If you would like to share your story on this site please let me know. I can be reached via email at


  5. I everyone ….I am 72 yrs old…in March of 2016 I was given levaquin for bronchitis infection…the first pill I took both my arms were hurting so bad….I called the Drs office in the morning… it COULDN ‘t do that.keep taking it for a or 6 days….well I took 5 ….then I had enough…went to dr & I was given shot in both shoulders…..I was crying the pain was so bad….well I must have had a reaction,won’t give that to you again,remarked in my chart ….but my joints were never the same hurting & stiff all the time.i also have fibro…but this pain is different…I have been in so much more pain now……hardly can’ leave my house…..& driving is so bad……has anyone ever sued this levaquin drug co???????

    • Hi Doris, I was reading your heartbreaking post, and I wonder if you have ever heard of NAD IV Therapy to help restore your health after Levaquin poisoning? During my research for treatments to help my own severe health issues, I stumbled across an intravenous therapy using a nutrient by the name of nicotinamide adenosine dinucleotide (NAD for short) that restores the mitochondria and can and often does give people back their health. Apparently, the NAD therapy can treat all sorts of different health issues, from chronic pain and depression to parkinson’s disease and alzheimer’s, as well as helping people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and many more. But I also learned that NAD IV Therapy can help restore health to people who have been poisoned by FQ antibiotics. Also, L-Glutathione infusions can also help. I am not sure if I am allowed to share a link here to more information about how this therapy can help people affected by FQ antibiotics, so if you want, I can share the information with you from my Facebook page, or get approval from the moderator of this page. You can also do a search on Google for “NAD IV Therapy and Levaquin” or “NAD Therapy and fluoroquinolone toxicity syndrome”. I hope I can be of some help. I am so sorry you are in so much pain and suffering. Take care.

  6. Doris, Lisa, Nick…and anyone else who posted on here who has been severely affected by fluoroquinolones….there is a particular intravenous therapy that restores the mitochondria to health and gives people their lives back, after fluoroquinolone poisoning. I will wait and see if anyone reads this and responds since this thread is old and labyrinth nobody will even read this…but if anyone responds then I will be happy to share what I know. Take care.

  7. Doris, Lisa, Nick…and anyone else who posted on here who has been severely affected by fluoroquinolones….there is a particular intravenous therapy that restores the mitochondria to health after fluoroquinolone poisoning. I personally do not have fluorquinolone poisoning, but I have a chronic illness that has many symptoms similar to the symptoms that many of you have, and so I came across a holistic intravenous therapy that apparently has helped many people with severe illnesses, including those with fluoroquinolone poisoning and those with my type of health disability. I will wait and see if anyone reads this and responds since this thread is old and perhaps nobody will even read this…but if anyone responds then I will be happy to share what I know. Take care.

      • Hi Dan! Hi Perry! Hi anyone else reading this! Earlier this year, I had left a message in this thread about a health treatment I learned of that might help those suffering with fluoroquinolone poisoning. I did not know that a few of you replied to my message, and so I am a few months late getting back to you, and I do apologize! I do not suffer from fluoroquinolone poisoning myself, but I do have several chronic and very disabling health conditions that share some of the same symptoms as those of you who have fluoroquinolone poisoning. While searching for alternative treatments to help my own health problems, I came across an IV therapy known as “NAD IV Therapy (nicotinamide adenosine dinucleotide IV therapy)” that apparently helps many different types of health conditions, including fluoroquinolone poisoning by restoring the health of our mitochondria. There are various clinics across the country, all relatively new, that are offering the NAD IV treatment. And yes, it can be expensive for those of us, such as myself, who live on low and fixed incomes because of our disabilities (the average costs seem to range anywhere from $5000 to $12,000 for a course of treatment, which is typically 10 to 14 days). I personally am looking into raising the money I need to afford the NAD IV treatment. There are two holistic doctors in Canada (in Vancouver area) that offer it for about half of what it would cost here in America, so if anyone is interested in names of clinics and doctors, including the docs who do NAD IV therapy in Canada, then I will be happy to share. In the meantime, I will try to post info now that will give you some basic info about the NAD IV therapy… and hope the moderator of this board allows these links to that info, as I am not sure if the board rules allow me to post links….so fingers crossed. If I am not allowed to post links and other info, then please do a Google search on “NAD IV Therapy and fluoroquinolone poisoning”. I will do my best to come back and see if anyone was able to read my info here and if you want info on cheaper treatment clinics in Canada. Best of luck to ALL of you who are suffering so terribly with this horrific condition. I hope and pray you get the help and healing you so desperately search for. Take care, and talk soon, maybe.

        Below are a few links:
        (this facebook post talks about NAD IV Therapy only helping with a few symptoms of those that have fluoroquinolone poisoning, and that it is only a small piece of the puzzle, and it gets into other things that can help more than NAD IV Therapy, and I think it is quite interesting what they are discussing here)

    • Hi Lisa,

      I would love to know about IV therapy to restore mitochondrial health, and any other tips you might have picked up along the way!

      Thanks in advance!


      • Hi Perry, read the reply I posted just above this one, to you and to someone else named Dan, regarding the IV Therapy, known as NAD IV Therapy, that might possibly help those with fluoroquinolone poisoning. Take care! Best of luck to you and your health restoration journey!

  8. Hi. Fruit. The answer you are looking for is fruit.
    Look up Dr. Robert Morse ND on YouTube and the internet. Start with this video: the great lymphatic system. Join this facebook group: Fans of Dr. Robert Morse ND. Look me up and say hi … Dassie Besser
    I’m hoping to hear from you soon!
    The doctor says: all illnesses are toxicity poisoning that can be detoxed out of the body when we eat 100% fruit and support our organs with herbal tincture (that you can make yourself for a fraction of the ready retail price.) Eat an abundance of fruit and you will feel better soon.

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