Jeff’s Story – Cipro Is Poison

Jeff FQwall

Picture taken before Jeff took Cipro

Jeff’s web site is  You can read more about his story there.

I lost my life to Cipro just days after my 30th birthday in October of 2009. I took just twelve pills over a six day period and have been crippled and essentially bedridden ever since. I have lost absolutely everything–my mobility, my income, my ability to live independently, my quality of life–everything is GONE. It’s a miracle that I’m even still alive, as I struggle with the urge to end this horrific existence every single day. And by “alive” I mean I’m still breathing, as I’ve certainly not been living for a VERY long time now. There is no way this is going to end well. I have put together a website to spread my story and get the truth out about the horrors of Cipro and fluoroquinolone antibiotics. If anything ever happens to me, I ask that someone please keep my site going in one form or another so that I don’t become another voiceless Bayer statistic. After all that, that’s what they’d want! Bayer would love for me to just shut up and die.

6 thoughts on “Jeff’s Story – Cipro Is Poison

  1. What has happened to site?
    I found it yesterday and today it is GONE!
    Grateful to find yours, but that one saved me just before I was about to take my new prescription. I just shared it with my sister only to hear it’s gone, checked it myself and Wow! Gone!

  2. Yes – what happened to this site? I was shocked to see it was down. I hope someone did not take it down on purpose. The truth needs to stay out there! I was horribly damaged by Cipro. I am still suffering 2 years later. It has altered my life permanently, and I am going through a depression now – realizing I will never be the same again. My side effects are permanent. Permanent all-over tendon damage. Permanent, painful bursitis in both hips. I will never be able run, dance, or exercise ever again. It also caused permanent thyroid damage, and I am severely losing my hair, gaining weight, etc. I have spent over $4,000 on doctors bills, PT, MRI’s, blood work, etc, etc (since taking Cipro for 7 days 2 years ago) – and it is nowhere near over. They can’t regulate my thyroid – something is internally wrong with my body. This has all been COMPLETELY devastating. I WAS 100% HEALTHY BEFORE TAKING CIPRO FOR A UTI. WHY IS THIS DRUG STILL ON THE MARKET? IT IS CONTINUING TO CRIPPLE PEOPLE. PLEASE – GOD – WHEN WILL THIS INJUSTICE STOP?????

    Dawn – you dodged a major bullet. Please warn everyone you know. CIPRO, LEVAQUIN, AVELOX, AND FLOXIN – ALL ARE IN THE SAME CLASS AND ALL ARE EQUALLY AS DAMAGING.

    I read the Cipro is Poison website while I was in the middle of taking it. It really scared me, but I didn’t know what to do. I thought maybe it wouldn’t happen to me. I SO wish I would have thrown the rest of the pills away. Maybe my life would be different now. My life is permanently altered and will never be the same. I am so very sad.

  3. I took Cipro for an infection and was house bound for a month. I was so sick from it.I ended up with C Diff. That kept me home for fear I would soil my self which I did a lot. I was throwing up all the time . A Friend of mine had a stroke while taking it. I would not reccomend it to anyone for any reason.

  4. I understand completely I also took cipro and my life is changed forever as well. I am disabled and not able to do as I could before , I’m not crippled but with my restrictions I feel as though I am. I now need to take many meds to help the many conditions cipro caused when it almost killed me. The doctor telling my parents he didn’t think I was going to make it which meant they would have to raise a very scared 9 year old little girl who they would not even let in to see me. I completely understand where you are coming from.

  5. I think you are one hell of an amazing human being i too am suffering from cipro, 3and a half years out. It is a surreal nightmare that neefs to be shouted about. I found your sight and kept checking aling the way hoping you would update with something more positive. I firmly believe there are maby mire that suffer for longer than most would or ever understand but i still believe you can get better and want you to believe that! Please don’t give up i believe you could still get better font ask me why as im “this far out and have doubts i just do. If i could be that one friend that could get you through and be there for you i would and give you back your belief in mankind and kindness i would. Youve already proved how amazing and strong you are. May you get well regain your dreams with much live love a friend from afar hugsx

  6. Thank you for warning others. I will never take this poison. Thank you for exposing this atrocity. And I send my deep sympathy for your losses and suffering. God’s Kingdom is the only true hope for salvation.

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