Gail’s Story – Avelox side-effects

Gail FQwall

I went to the doctor with an exacerbation in February and was prescribed 60mg of prednisone a day, and Avelox 400mg for 10 days – I started having major issues within a couple days of starting the Avelox and even called the Pulmo’s office begging to be seen 3 times because I KNEW this was not my normal reaction to prednisone. She didn’t have an opening, after calling my PCP’s office begging my PCP’s office to give me an appointment, they told me to go to the hospital. I have been hospitalized twice since then – and they have run every test that could be run – still have the breathing issues, and have been miserable with multiple symptoms ever since with no explanation.

In the months that have followed, I have been treated by 9 different doctors the only one who knew I had been given the Avelox, let alone the combination, was the original pulmo. I had no idea Avelox had these effects so I had never mentioned it to any of them as we all thought we were only dealing with COPD issues and the complications of COPD.

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Gordon’s Story – Cipro side-effects


My name is Gordon Thatcher, I am a 75 year old male in Houston, Texas. I have taken Cipro several times in the past, I believe it was around 2004 but I’m not sure of the dates. Around that time I developed pains in my wrists and thumbs and had “brain zaps”, those annoying electrical shocks to the brain just as I was falling asleep, and some pain in my hips. I had no clue as to what caused these pains until I again took Cipro (500 MG twice a day) in late July 2009. After taking it for about 5 days I awoke one night with severe pain in the bottoms of my heels and Achilles tendons up through my calves and the pain in my wrists and thumbs became very severe and ran up my arms through my biceps. I also had a feeling of pressure in my head and ringing in my ears (tinnitus) and pains in my tongue and teeth which didn’t last very long but would come and go. After looking up side effects of Cipro on the web I knew what the problem was. I talked with my Dr. about it and he assured me Cipro wouldn’t do that and sent me to a rheumatologist who didn’t find any problems, of course. Over the next few months the pains worsened in the Achilles tendons and calves, quadriceps, knees, hamstrings, wrists, arms and shoulders as well as the head pressure and tinnitus. At about 8 months out the pains began to subside and I was able to live a normal life. I still have all of the same pains but to a much lesser degree. Last week I developed teeth pain in my left jaw, sometimes upper teeth, sometimes lower. I went to the dentist and he can’t find any problems. I hope this goes away soon. All in all I am doing well and not restricted in my activities.