Jessica’s Story – Cipro and Levaquin

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Jessica Reid 01/24/13

My Name is Jessica Reid, 24 with a wonderful family of a husband, and 3 wonderful children. My life was Blessed! I started having some dizzy issues, went to a doctor i was told i could trust at the time i had no Health insurance… I wished i would of NEVER WENT! I was misdagionsed and put on 10 antibotics of the course of 4 months! One being Leaqvin (750MG)10 pills, but ionlt took 9. The whole time i had brain fog, Hallunications, Heart papls,Ear pain, Worse headaches, Tingling, Numbness, bruning pain. I called the doctor and i was told everything i had was “Anxiety” which i believe was BS! ive never had health problems before. After that i started getting pain in my back legs bathroom problems, i was told i had a uti! So i was put on CIPRO! 500mg 2x day for 10days… I got worse and worse by the 6th day i couldnt take it anymore, I ended up in the hospital, i was told i never had ANY infections and was put on all the antibotics for NO REASON. I was told to stop and to never take anitbotics again and that i may have a nerve diease. She was thinking MS,Lupus.My thryiod went to a 6.8 to 8.1 than back down to a 2.5, never had problems like that before. I also at this time had very bad bowel problems but was told it was normal due to all the anitbotics and my gut would get better. I found out that i had C-Diff for 4 months since starting antibotics and of course they wanted to feed me Falgyl also, got strep throat and they begged me to take another anitbotic. I have never been on drugs and hate taking them… They had me on xannx, Tried to get me Amritplyine? Celexa, and others.. I refused i would take 4 pills and stop. It just made me WORSE. Ive had and still have Nightsweats, Heart papls, eye pains, blurry eyes, stomach pains, Kidney pains, Ribcage pains, Pretty much muscle pain throughout my body, bone pain throughout my body, and nerve pain (tingling burning and throbbing) my ears pop all the time and my left one goes out than my face gets numb. I have Carple tunnel that ive never had! My life was taken from me! I LOVE being mother and wife! My life is around them.. Now i have to miss going to the school events, running aorund with my kids, pushing them on the playgrounds. I use to workout 2x a day 45mins now i cant do it anymore. I push myself to do 15mins x2 a day now but afterwards im screaming in pain.. Ive tried supplements, Espom baths, Detox pills, proboitics, And right now i have stoped all Redmeat and eat Organic Free Anitbotic Chicken and rice. I have no clue where to go from here. I would have ended things but my Family keeps me going. No doctors believe me. And i cant get justice but everyday im left crying in pain. I wonder if it will kill me? or will it ever go away? Please someone give me some good advice and tips. I was thinking of Ozone treatment, but ive heard scary stories about it. So im not 100%. Anyone has any advice please feel free to email me!!! I am sorry for everyone that is going through this. I hate the FDA and i hate Doctors now! I dont trust them with anything! So its hard for me now to listen to the ones that wanna see whats wrong with me.. I pray for all of us. Thanks for listening to my story!

3 thoughts on “Jessica’s Story – Cipro and Levaquin

  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. Just today I had a pharmacist tell me how my reaction to Cipro is so unusual and Cipro is very safe. How can a drug with two boxed warnings from the FDA be safe? There are thousands of us floxies, more every day, while people like him hand out those pills reassuring the next helpless victims that the pills are “very safe.” Makes me so mad I could just spit in his eye. But what are you going to do?

    I can tell you that L-Theanine has been helpful for me for anxiety. It raises dopamine and serotonin and blocks glutamate. Take it without food. I take 200 mg 3x a day. CalmPRT is also good, but it’s pricey.

    That new magnesium supplement, magnesium threonate, seems to be helpful. Take less than the recommended dose and take it in the morning or it can interfere with your sleep.

    MitoQ was shown to protect cells from FQ damage. It also seems to have been helpful for me. I also take Idebenone, a very powerful antioxidant with positive effects on brain chemistry.

    I hope that you are able to reach the point in your healing that you can get your life back.

  2. Hello Jessica, I am sorry that you suffer so much especially when you have young children that need your care. This class of Antibiotic is beyond evil. I was floxed March 2010 by 2 pills of Levaquin.
    To make my story short, my suffering lead me to stumble on the people’s forum to find help.
    I started Ozone and High Dose Vitamin C Therapy in May 2014. Total of 16 courses of Ozone Therapy and 13 courses of HDVC. In addition, I stopped all western medication including NSAIDs, with good supplements…… I am recovering. You can reach me @ 503-803-6342

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