Eric’s Story – Cipro Poisoning

Eric FQwall


So, if I had a time machine…I would travel only once into the past. I would not revisit my youth. I would not undo any relationships, or resolve any issues of unrequited love. I would not try to right many wrongs, or turn my failures into successes. I would not say goodbye to those who were lost, that I hope to one day see again.

No…what I would do is…set that motherf***ing dial, for the exact moment that those drug pushing, poison peddling, whore-mongering, non-hippocratic-oath-observing, big pharma ass kissing, slow to learn and quick to earn, pathetically useless bastards, when they first asked me to take an FQ for my health and physiological betterment…and simply say, “No thanks… BITCH!!” “Now ask me again…GO AHEAD ASK ME AGAIN!! I DARE YOU – I DOUBLE FUC***ING DARE YOU!!!”

Ah yes, if WE only had a time machine…of this I am most certain.

2014 update –

Since posting this, I just wanted to give an update and share that I had an opportunity to dissuade a friend from receiving what turned out to be (obviously, because the less aggressive and more sensible treatment later worked just fine for him) an unnecessary application of the same FQ (Cipro) which had given me so much trouble, and of course which also lead to this very “spirited” yet somewhat regrettable post. But at the time, it was the truth of how I felt and I stand by it – although I could have been nicer, and a bit more even handed concerning some of the people in medicine and pharmacology who actually do some good in this world. Having said all that, I’m still a big fan of Samuel L. Jackson, and a popular scene from Pulp Fiction always comes to mind when both writing and reading that earlier post, so why not lol.

Last month, my own mother was taken to the hospital for a possible UTI, which the ER doctors thought was causing her confusion or “delirium” (not that uncommon an occurance or symptom, particularly in the elderly). I ended up in her hospital room at the precise moment that a “learned” neurologist was about to have his nurse administer a very sizeable bag of antibiotic drip in order to treat her suspected infection.

What was in the bag…? Yep, you guessed it – Cipro-effing-floxin lol.

Needless to say, after I was finished I was able to cheerfully observe the last remnants of that bag slowly draining into the adjacent sink in the same room where the nurse had already discarded it while I was talking with the doctors, and waiting to see which non-FQ substitute they would later use. Funny thing, days later the original culture for the infection showed “negative”, so she may not have even had a UTI at all, but it’s reassuring to know that on the off chance my mother had any prior exposure to anthrax on the way to the hospital, that threat would have been quickly neutralized and those same doctors may have saved the day…not. FQ’s are still being passed out like candy, and the risks are too great that this should be.

So, as it turns out, I’ve learned time travel works much better when you look forward to the future, and try to affect some change for those who would not have otherwise benefited from your FQ experience. In other words, if I can help just one person (and that’s at least two so far) it will have all been worth it.

Thanks for all the support fellow FQ survivors (and sufferers), and keep fighting the good fight. Peace

3 thoughts on “Eric’s Story – Cipro Poisoning

  1. Good for you looking out for others- especially moms. I was floxed in April of 2010 and now make it a rule of life to spread the word- unless you have no choice, don’t take FQ’s!!!

  2. If we aren’t loud and spirited Eric, they will not listen to us. I am a nurse, I know. Speak up or just be considered “a layperson with Google”! We have to advocate for our family and friends.

    On that note, I went to a new doc this week and he had recieved information about FQAD from the FDA. Sometimes it takes the lawyers to speak up for the patients. I am a nurse. The information about FQ’s was totally hidden from me!

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