Jeff’s Story – Cipro Poisoning

Jeff FQwall

july 8 th 2008… 10 days of levaquin and the 8 days of cipro after being misdiagnosed.. My life has been ruined by these poisions.. I feel like I want to die nearly every day for almost five years now.

For the first year or so there were voices telling me to kill myself… That was about how long I stuttered as well.

me now… Shortness of breath ( some days worse than others) , severe brain fog , extreme muscle pain , 7 ruptured tendons , tendonitus , daily head aches , horrible vertigo , eye pain , joint pain…all of them , neuropathty , degeneritive discs , tennitus… So loud it wakes me up , memory loss , vision loss…. Liver and kidney damage


3 thoughts on “Jeff’s Story – Cipro Poisoning

  1. My Cipro damage little worst than him. I am bedridden from damage mitochondria and many other damage too much to explain. One worst condition that taking my life caused by this Cipro is Complete Inability to Sleep.
    One similarity with him It’s I wish my breath and heart stopped when the neurotic torture attacking when I beg my body for sleep. I have amazing life before this tragedy.
    (2 weeks x 2x500mg)

  2. Jeff please hang in there. Take Magnesium it helped me. They are working on a cure. Do you have a lawyer to help you? Sometimes fighting back helps a lot. I will pray for you l.

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