Catherine’s Story – Cipro Poisoning

Catherine FQWall

I was floxed almost 2 years ago in 2012. I am 60 years old now. I was given 4 rx’s of Cipro/Ciprofloxacin (including 3 days of IV Cipro. in the hospital over a 4 week period, in 2012. The 1st Rx was given on May 21st and the last on June 24th …….when I became officially disabled. My last workday was June 21st, 2012. I was very active up until I was poisoned by Cipro. I went through the police academy at age 51 and became a Master Officer. Before this, I worked for 23 years in shipping / receiving . I worked as a jail officer for 7 years, with excellent reviews, and raises. I walked as many as 3000 stair steps a day in addition to regular walking. Before this, I worked for 23 years in shipping / receiving . I hiked the Blue Ridge Parkway as a hobby, enjoyed hunting and fishing, did trail rides with horses, liked gardening and tending to my yard/mini farm, etc… Sad to report they are things I haven’t been able to do today,

as a result of the Cipro toxicity.

The first symptom I had was neural toxic psychosis and I had to be taken to the hospital. It developed a few hours after I took Cipro tablet given me with the 4th Rx. I suffer with severe chronic insomnia. My vision became blurred. It caused toxic neural damage to my eye nerves. I developed peripheral neuropathy in both feet while taking the drug. I have had tendons snap apart in my left shoulder, my teeth are brittle… and I have had 4 dental visits to remove cracked teeth, or replace loose fillings due to crumbling teeth this past year. I experience muscle wasting/pain… a ( loss of 40 pounds) the first year. On occasion, I suffer from restless leg syndrome, and I now have very dry eyes almost constantly. I suffer with chronic constipation , as a result of probable CNS toxicity. I have memory problems that worry me greatly. I fear this will only get worse. Cipro was first developed as a CHEMO DRUG …it should never have been allowed to be as an antibiotic, when safer alternatives exist.

I lost my health as I knew it, my job, my health insurance, and almost lost my house, that I have owned since 1979; because I had to file bankruptcy. Cipro cost me more than the physical damage done to my body, some of which I have listed here. I am guardian to my younger sister due to a brain injury she suffered as a child. Now, I see her worry about me because I am ill, and can’t do the same things I could do before the Cipro poisoned me.In addition, it took a hugh mental toll on me in the form of stress and depression because my life as I had always known it is gone forever. Please help us get these harmful drugs off the market.

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