Donald’s Story – Written by his Daughter

Donald FQWall

Leaving tomorrow for the second year in a row to go to Washington DC on my father’s deathiversary to fight for change on how recklessly Fluoroquinolone (Levaquin, Cipro and Avelox) are used with no regard to people lives.

My father did not know why he lost his hearing and his memory along with other issues until he moved it with me and I started my crusade as he read my facebook page he put it together. The doctors had my father on Cipro for 10 years it amazing my father could function at all. Cipro is to be used short term only. My father had many doctors and not one doctor made the connection unfortunately by the time we made the connection it was too late for my father. My father deserved better medical care. Unfortunately most doctor are clueless to the damage these drugs can do since Big Pharma tells the doctors these drugs are safe I know thousands of people that can tell you differently.

This I promise you if you are not paying attention you will be poisoned. The easiest way doctors get you is by putting these meds in IV’s without your knowledge this happens to thousands of people everyday. If you are having surgery always call ahead to verify what drugs they will be using because they don’t tell you for some reason this is not important. I hope we at least get this changed.

There drugs do permanent damage to your DNA this time we have research and a lawyer. I hope this works out and we take Johnon and Johnson, Bayer down to funky town since they know what they are doing to people and have decided to write a stupid credo stating the care….bullshit…They have not helped one person that suffers or the families of people that have died. Someone needs to go to jail for killing and crippling without warning. You may as well enjoy doing illegal drugs. Just because Big Pharma are legal drug pushers does not make it right.

Our crusade will be filmed this time to bring awareness and I hope to see it on TV. I want Big Pharma really bad I know this is only a dream since they are well protected but at least I can hope thousands of people can sue the hell out of them after we get done with them.

I am a Fluoroquinolone survivor this is 100% preventable and should never happen unless the patient is aware and agrees to taking these meds.

I love you Dad and miss you so much! Tears

Rant over!

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