Munica’s Story – Levaquin Poisoning

Munica FQWall

Hello~ My name…Munica..the following is my real life story….
It was the year 2002, I was a mail woman,raising four children on my own, a house w a mortgage. On the job I developed walking pneumonia, stubborn woman I am went to work for 3 day w a temp of 103*..needless to say the sent me home…never to return again !
I went to my doctor who knows I am allergic to all antibiotics derived from bacteria, so she put me on this new synthetic one named Levaquin. I took one, repeat one pill, within 5 hours my neck swelled, my ear became like Dumbo, at 3 am I could not turn my head,I was in excruciating pain. I went to the hospital, they sent me home with 800 ml ibuprofen. two days later I became extremely ill, vomiting every 5 minutes, my eyes were spazing,moving back and forth…my children drove me to the hospital after 2 days of this…the under educated hospital sent me home saying i had a bad flu…well this bad flu landed me in bed for …three straight months, if I so much as moved my head an inch I would get severe vertigo. i SLEPT SITTING UP IN A RECLINER FOR 7 YEARS… Once again 3 months later, my children took me to the doc…who said I had the worst case of VERTIGO she had ever seen. Five docs and 2 years later I was diagnosed with BPV,MS AND VESTIBULAR NEURITIS….needless to say i could not return to work and in the fall of 2002 I lost my house,my children had to be placed with their father for the first time ever…my life as I once knew it was shattered. I was an avid runner(5 miles a day) went to the gym, loved to dance and was a very physically fit woman whom never hardly ever got sick…
My sister in 2009 died of what docs call LOU Gherigs disease…she too had taken 18 months prior the script Cipro for 10 days and Motrin for headaches, with two weeks it was as if she had symptoms of a stroke, but never had one, 6 months later she could not walk,1 year later could no longer eat(tube fed) lost all speach..died un called for what she experienced. I did not know at the time what I had back in 2002 was related to this floxin…but after investigating what she horrifically experienced i thought , might this be what happened to me, and if I had not had the allegic reaction to just ONE LEVAQUIN PILL it would of also been me that they buried ….the makers of these products should be held responsible for the loss of a once healthy life, for they have not done their homework long enough and they were money greedy to market it, and we are the guini pigs…my life will never be the same

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