Vickie’s Story – Cipro and Avelox Toxicity

Vickie FQWall

Here’s my story…Ten years ago I started getting uti’s quite often and every time I was put on Ciprofloxacin. I had been healthy up until this year, 2003. I started noticing severe tendon, muscle, joint pain and went to the doctor who kept saying it was arthritis and other doctors said it was fibromyalgia. I became depressed because I was having so much pain and nobody¬†believed me and I didn’t know what to do. It was all I could do to get through a work day. I was the single mother of 3 kids and it was all taking a toll on me. I became ill with bronchitis which ended up being pneumonia and was put on Avelox. When it didn’t clear up I was put in another round of Avelox. But I kept getting uti’s and every time was put on cipro. In 2005, I had a cystoscopy, and was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC), a bladder condition. Here to find out, I never was having uti’s, it was the ic all along. Since then, I’ve had numerous surgeries for things like hysterectomy, abdominal hernias, total knee replacement, etc. Recently after getting my medical records I found out they were giving me cipro through iv form after these surgeries. For the last decade, I have been being put on cipro repeatedly and last yr I discovered what all my pain has stemmed from, the cipro and avelox. I was a healthy 30 something yr old who went from healthy to could barely walk. I have depression, cannot work, have severe pain, neuropathy, and the list goes on. I trusted fully in my doctors and never had a clue as to what was happening to me each time I was given cipro and was feeling worse and worse. Im in my 40s now and hanging on by a thread financially, emotionally and physically. Please lets stop the madness. We need these drugs off the market. My life is forever changed.

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