Traci’s Story – Cipro Poisoning

Traci FQWall

It has almost been 3 years since I took a 30 day supply of Cipro for a UTI that has
changed my life drastically. During the course of of taking Cipro the first thing I
noticed was how incredibly weak my body felt and fatigue hit so hard I couldn’t
keep myself awake for anything. I would sleep for days, calling in sick to work,
somedays were so bad I couldn’t even manage the phone call and slept right
through the day. A couple weeks after stopping Cipro the aches and pains started
first in the top of my feet and ankles. Then my wrists and forearms as if I had some
harsh form of tendonitis. I started wrapping my wrists, arms and feet with K Tape
on a daily basis.

I had no idea what was causing these issues, but started the research on Cipro as I
had read about tendon ruptures. I went back to my doctor whom I had been seeing
for 10 years and mentioned the problems and she immediately became defensive
and made a comment about how people should not read forums and try to
diagnose themselves. Basically she made me feel like I was way off base and had
no idea what I was talking about. That was my last visit to her. Not because I knew
she was wrong, but because she didn’t listen and very clearly did not want a simple
minded patient telling her what they felt was wrong. After all she did have 7+ years
of med school.

My eye sight started going bad very quickly which for some reason I attributed to
age (I was 41) even though it was only a matter of months after an eye doctor visit.
Within the first few months after taking Cipro I had constant tingling, numbness,
brittle feeling as if I had no muscle in my body, depression that I couldn’t control,
loss of balance and running into things that were right in front of me, anxiety, panic
attacks so bad that I would not leave the house, insomnia that lasts for days at a
time, and nightmares. I started to see a holistic doctor, not covered by insurance,
but I was hoping she could find cause of pain. I didn’t mention the Cipro I had
taken a year earlier as I thought I was wrong about the cause and thought if it was
really the reason for my problems it wouldn’t be on the market. My holistic doctor
diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and wanted to run
tests to find heavy metal toxins in my system after a couple of months of taking
some supplements such as magnesium, omega-3, vitamin K, B-12, and prescription
strength vitamin D.

We also talked about stress management due to my job and I decided after 16 years
I would leave my position and went to a smaller startup company. But the
problems persisted and after three months with the new company they let me go as
I could not make it to work, I missed at least one day a week and could not control
it. I would be so exhausted from insomnia that when I tried to close my eyes I
would see faces of people shouting at me and immediately jerk back awake.

I couldn’t explain and was afraid to tell any doctor for fear that they would label me
psychotic. Again more research pointed to Ciprofloxacin-induced acute psychosis.
Not only had I left a company I had been with for my whole career and lost a great
salary and great benefits, but I’ve lost years of time with my family. I lost moments
that I will never get back. I still have up and down days, the symptoms come and
go, short term memory is horrible and embarrassing at times.

Finally a few months ago I heard FDA announced the link to peripheral neuropathy
and started reading about what Cipro has done to others I at least know I am not
crazy. Levaquin almost sounds worse. I am not about to let Bayer get away with
what has happened and I have an appointment with neurologist coming up. 3 years
and I can say symptoms showed up from first couple of weeks during treatment and
new symptoms continued over months after completing the drug. Some even a
year later.

I’ve reported adverse reaction to FDA, signed petitions to remove the drugs from
the market, and participated in a study over a year ago with a college that
contacted me after a post I left on, and I’ve contacted a
lawyer and I plan to be an advocate every day of my life especially after reading
about how many others have been impacted, lost their lives, or completely disabled
on the various support groups on the internet. I don’t want to delay any longer, I
want to make sure no one ever goes through this. I am no longer ashamed and that
is because of these support boards and stories from others that are so helpful. I
appreciate every single person that has came forward to tell what these drugs have
done to them. Don’t ever let a doctor make you feel stupid when you ask questions
about medicines or symptoms. Some have such ego problems or just completely
uninformed that they don’t take the time to listen. You know your body better than

One thought on “Traci’s Story – Cipro Poisoning

  1. I’m in 110%
    I am not sure that Cipro caused many of my devastating health and psychiatric problems, but recently I was prescribed a weeks worth. My urinary tract is definitely giving me problems to put it mildly. I need a law firm that will not back down or sell me put. I have recorded conversations with so called medical and psychiatric and Pharmacuetical professionals that almost killed me. Many people do not understand that there are many horrible things worse than dying. The average human being would have died at least ten times. I am no where near average.

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