Bill’s Story – Tendon Pain from Cipro Ear Drops

Bill FQWall

Hello All,My name is Bill.I,m a 60yo who lives in Australia and a victim of cipro.I went to see my doctor and was prescribed ciproxin eardrops for an ear infection.They didn,t seem to help my ear so went back to doctors and told him my shoulders were very sore and I had a strange rash on my back.He sugested I may have tendonitis.Days later I discovered the conection ,cipro and shoulder pain ,on the internet.By this time my shoulders were a real problem.One had gone all clunky and the other, my left, had waves of searing pain.Lying down was unbearable and sleep none existant.I told my doctor that I suspected cipro, and was told , very unlikely.I got a second opinion from another doctor and he treated me like a fool.There are no warnings on my medication at all and none from either doctor.9months later and it just gets worse,awfull neck pain,twitching in my shoulder,constant fatigue,no sleep,pain that makes me vocalise at night,dry mouth, unable to lift arms above my shoulder etc.I was allways active and enjoyed playing my keyboard but that is now limited .I cant believe I,ve found myself in this situation.I now sleep alone so as not to disturb my wife .We , who are poisoned, need to warn others and let it be known,DO NOT TAKE CIPRO.
My sympathy to all,Bill

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