Lisa’s Story – Avelox Effects

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Note – Lisa Bloomquist is the administrator of this site and all of the posts have her name at the top.  This story is not Lisa Bloomquist’s story.  It is Lisa Brady’s story.  Sorry for any confusion!

In February 2012 I was suffering from a fairly severe upper chest infection and after two weeks of feeling like I was close to having walking pneumonia, I was begged by friends that I needed to see a doctor as I do not like going to docs unless absolutely necessary and very rarely ever take antibiotics ( I am sure I was floxed before in past surgeries throughout the years without my knowledge). After going to see ‘Doc in the Box’ ( Immediate Care Clinic) and my regular doc was out, I was seen by an abrupt internist, after a brief 3 minute examine, she indicated, ‘yes, you have walking pneumonia, I’ll give you this antibiotic that will wipe this infection out in two minutes flat!’. I replied, ‘Really? You know from my chart I have an autoimmune disease, is this drug ok to take with my sensitive system?’ ‘Of Course!’ says she…and it turns out after a chest xray, no pneumonia. However, consumption of Avalox has already been consumed…

Within 24 hours, the infection was getting better, the deep, crupe type cough was beginning to ease, however, I was feeling this terrible dread, like all of my happiness or positive feelings had been squeezed out of me, I know it’s a strange way to describe it, but that was the first of many, many Adverse Reactions I began and still, to this day experience, almost 3 years later, and no, it does not ‘leave your system after a few days’.

The other ‘side effects’ came on like a sunami raging not only my body, but in my head too. I was already in deep chronic pain from a fall down a deeply steep hardwood stairway in my home, resulting in many fractures in my sarcum, also my cocxyx has twisted off and had attached itself to my lower spine, and went unnoticed by the Doctors for three months in 2008, resulting in two spine surgeries and chronic pain that felt like I was turning into the girl from the ‘Exorcist’. The first night I took one 500mg Avalox, my joints felt like acid was running through my veins, and it felt as if my olfactory was destroyed, I could only ‘smell’ deep, burning rubber. Then my heart started fluttering and felt as if it would come out of my chest. That night the hellish nightmares started and it has not let up on me. I was unable to walk for up to two weeks, could not lift my legs that had turned into water and the fatigue, and lethargy are indescribable. I also experienced psychosis, deeply disturbing suicidal thoughts, could not stop crying for months ( sounds like depression!) absolutely could not hold cognitive thought process, vomiting for days on end, tremors, anxiety, hallucinations, severe dizziness, numbing, burning sensations of hands, feet, legs, bleeding gums, bone pain, dry mouth, weight gain, increased thirst, problems with speech, complete brain fog and the list goes on and on. Because of 5 pills I took, (only took 5 of 10 pills prescribed) the results have been flung far and wide:

I lost a very lucrative corporate catering contract I had under my consult for the past 15 years that at times earned me over six figure income that supported my daughter and myself.

I lost many friends that thought ‘it was all in my head’ and ‘An antibiotic couldn’t do this to you or it would be banned from the market, right?!’

I lost the person I used to be. The person whom never thought something like this would happen to me. (Humility one oh one)

I lost the ability to support myself and my daughter and now looking at filing bankruptcy, cannot get disability, almost zero child support and now living day to day.

HOWEVER, I am not going to let this devil of a drug take the rest of my life from me, from us! I have always been a fighter, even though I fight from my sofa, I will get better!

Thank you to all the FB groups whom have been so helpful and in my darkest moments, have helped me crawl towards the light…

2 thoughts on “Lisa’s Story – Avelox Effects

  1. Lisa, I do not think we would have come as far as we have without you, our fearless leader. I am sorry of everything you went through and are going through. I thank you for being my rock. The person who knows a few vitamins won’t fix this. I am sending you nurse hugs. Jan.

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