Lori’s Story – Levaquin Effects


I was prescribed Levaquin 2/19/2013 — 500 mgs once per day for 10 days. In the beginning of March 2013 I noticed a lump on my clavicle and developed pain through my shoulder down through my scapula.  My PCP referred me to an orthopedic doctor who took X-rays and found nothing out of the ordinary. He then gave me a steroid injection at the site of the lump and told me to take ibuprofen. Within a month the pain spread to my other shoulder. And within a year I basically had pain in every joint of my body. Especially my wrist, knees, and ankles. I even have pain in my knuckles. Sometimes the pain and ache is so severe it keeps me awake at night. I had all sorts of blood tests done. I was tested for Lymes disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Both came back negative. I showed no signs of inflammatory disease in my blood work. I was then referred to a Rheumatologist who I’ve seen several times. He basically just said I have chronic joint pain. I asked him about the Levaquin connection and he just blew it off. He just told me to take Naproxen and Tylenol. I went from being an active 49 year old to a 51 year old who feels like a cripple. I had a very active lifestyle of walking/hiking, attending exercise class, swimming and kayaking to not being able to hardly do anything without being in pain. If I walk or I am on my feet too much my ankles swell and I lie awake in bed with pain. If I clean my house I’m in pain afterwards. I sleep with a splint on my wrist because of the pain and I can’t even lift a baby with my right wrist due to the pain. At times I go to walk and can barely move my legs they are so tight and my knees feel like they’re going to give out on me. Thanks for listening to my story and I hope this information helps you to make a change.

3 thoughts on “Lori’s Story – Levaquin Effects

  1. I was prescribed both Levaquin (twice) and Cipro 8 years ago, and now live with all of the above health issues. Every side effect mentioned is mine, trips to ER, mine, depression, mine, effecting my work and social life, mine. I just had surgery for a tumor on my parathyroid. Anyone else? My life has been ruined and what time I have left in this world will be ruined as well. It’s beyond criminal, it’s like a medicine that is a weapon of mass destruction. And IT IS STILL PRESCRIBED! Why doesn’t the world know about this? Maybe 60 minutes should be made aware.

    • Hi Michele,

      I’m so, so, so sorry for everything you’re going through! It is horrible – criminal really – how these drugs devastate people.

      Did the parathyroid surgery help? It has helped someone else that I’m in touch with. I’d love to hear how it treated you!

      Getting a 60 Minutes expose would be wonderful!

      Do you want to share your story on this site? If so, please just send it to me through the Contact link above.


  2. So many of us suffering the terrible effects of taking drugs from the fluoroquiolone class of antibiotics. Why don’t the doctors accept the fact that the medication they have prescribed us is the cause of all these problems? So many don’t even know that this drug has been black boxed, it is still being prescribed for minor infections. I am in so much pain in all my joints and muscles, I have blurry vision, insomnia, anxiety, brain fog and severe fatigue-just to name a few of my symptoms. My life has been changed by taking ciprofloxacin…..

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