J’s Story – Dear Mr. M.D…..

confused doctor

Pic from a google image search, not the actual doctor mentioned

Mr. MD,
I am addressing this letter to make you aware of the physical and mental nightmare I have been enduring on a daily basis since you prescribed me Levaquin (levofloxacin) for a simple urinary tract infection. The adverse drug reactions that I am suffering are sometimes so painful that crying has become natural. The joint pains throughout my body, constant headaches, and peripheral neuropathy (pins and needles, burning, electrical shocks) on my legs and arms, are sometimes unbearable.

What I find disturbing is the fact that on the follow up medical visit, you pretended to be surprised that I was experiencing these horrific side effects, and actually started to make excuses by alleging that I was suffering from rheumatic arthritis, and immediately tried to pawn me off to all kinds of other doctors. You also recommended for me to take NSAIDs, which later I found out is a big NO NO when someone has being exposed to fluoroquinolones.

On the second medical follow up appointment, when I confronted you with FDA documentation on Levaquin side effects, all you could do was scratch your head and continuously respond “I don’t know” to the questions I was asking in reference to my current physical disaster.

Another disturbing fact is that your office called me after the second follow up visit to tell me that I needed to go back, because you had forgotten to examine my joints. On the following week at your office, the entire medical examination consisted of you staring at my ankles for approximately 20 seconds and saying okay. Your office was also quick to file another insurance claim for that visit. Total time spend receiving medical attention from you and your office to include body weighing, blood pressure, and your consultation for all four office visits did not surpassed twenty minutes (excluding the time spend in the lobby waiting area).

I am embarrassed and upset at myself, for being so stupid in believing that all doctors are always looking out for the better health of their patients. After I had been poisoned by this antibiotic, it only took me about two minutes, to research on the internet all the horrific fluoroquinolones side effects that are affecting thousands of people on a daily basis. I am positive that you as a medical doctor may have better and more accurate access to the side effects statistics and devastating side effects of these antibiotics. If you would had advised me of the Levaquin possible side effects on February 23, 2015, I know for a fact I would have told you “NOOO, NEGATIVE” and asked you to prescribed me a penicillin based antibiotic.

Doctor, please take time to advice patients of the possible horrific side effects of these antibiotics, if you are still prescribing them.

As for me, my daily existence since the day after the last poison pill, has been a daily physical struggle, to which waking up in the mornings, is not a blessing anymore.

Doctor, I have no ill feelings towards you. I was just one of thousands of unlucky ones who have been poisoned by these demonic antibiotics. Ironically, I thank GOD that you did not prescribe me 750mg, instead of the 500mg, and or 10 pills instead of 5 pills.

I am okay in my heart; I hope you are okay too. I have faith in GOD, that one day; this whole nightmare will start to gradually ease off.

I realize now, it is greed and egoism what are controlling the fate of this world. The FDA, pharmaceutical companies and even some doctors, sole motivation is greed, and egoism with zero consideration towards human lives. Fluoroquinolones are devastating lives on a daily basis, but no one seems to care as long as the money keeps rolling in and they are not the ones getting poisoned by these antibiotics.

5 thoughts on “J’s Story – Dear Mr. M.D…..

  1. I agree that it is greed at the heart of all this. My side effects, including horrific breathing problems, have been so nightmarish I cannot even find the words to describe my experience—and most nights I prayed I wouldn’t wake up. I am better now, but still have some pretty horrible side effects. As for the doctors, I was sent to TWELVE…and I kept hearing “Cipro can;t do all that,” “Cipro’s great, I use it all the time.” One called me delusional. The sad fact is that ALL these side effects are listed, but the doctors aren’t reading them. They are only getting the big sales pitch. The pharmaceutical companies have been inappropriately marketing these drugs for decades while the FDA turns a blind eye. It is CRIMINAL. This is not mere negligence because they KNOW the side effects, they KNOW how debilitating they can be, they KNOW they can be permanent, and yet they continue to market them for simple infections that could be treated with a dozen other safer antibiotics. And side effects are NOT rare, according to freedom of information act requests to the FDA. So everyone keep talking about this, write your representative, write the White House, write Health and Human Services, write Attorney General Loretta Lynch. This has to stop, and if we are loud enough, it will.

  2. I have to agree. It’s all greed, and at what point does it stop. How many more people have to suffer and or die. Doctors have to reevaluate why they became medical providers. These poisons are not just damaging lives, but also families, relationships, and even faith and trust among ourselves.

    • Yes Patty—“Doctors have to reevaluate why they became medical providers.” Unfortunately, they are only exposed in medical school to chemical pharmaceuticals, and the wonders they do, and not the damage, or the benefits of nutrition and natural cures. You can thank Rockefeller and his cronies who gave vast sums to medical schools with the caveat that they ONLY push chemical drugs, in which Rockefeller and his friends had great monetary investments. What I find hard to imagine is that a doctor, who has been through some pretty challenging classes in med school, does not question the wisdom of giving the same drug used for anthrax victims, to someone with a simple urinary tract infection. That should scream “overkill!” I also don’t let them off the hook for not paying attention to side effects and black box warnings.

  3. I sent four messages to the Pharmacist who filled prescriptions for my now deceased mom for Cipro and Avelox, explaining what I have learned about the terrible side-effects of these drugs and what they did to my mother, and guess what? No response. Did I expect anything else? No. I said…shame on you for selling drugs with black box warnings…and to a frail woman in her 80’s. Shame, shame, shame.

    • I too have sent letters to the doctor that prescribed and to the pharmacy. They did call me back, but only because i think they were afraid of a lawsuit…which may happen, since they dispensed prednisone at the same time, despite the black box warnings. I will keep writing letters until someone listens. (I don’t hold out much hope for the FDA since they have known all about the side effects for decades, and have done nothing to limit the use of these drugs to only life/death situations. The black box warnings did not initiate with them or the drug cos. but with a hard-fought “win” by the group Public Citizen. And the fact that one of the commissioners (for food safety and veterinary medicine) is a former Monsanto employee says a lot. (Probably why we are now seeing all these ads for drugs for your pets.) So sorry about your mother, and stay vocal.

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