Aaron’s Story – Cipro Toxicity

Aaron FQ Wall

I am finally ready to tell my story. On May 15th 2015 i was prescribed Cipro for a prostate infection. After the very first pill i had the worst insomnia i had ever experienced in my life. I used to think when you took medication the side effects were only temporary. How ignorant I was. I now also now know cipro is not a medicine, it is a toxic weapon of mass destruction that would probably be banned by the Geneva convention. The most sinister part of this poison is that for me the worst side effects came after the last dose. I began coming in to work late because i could not sleep well. One day i was eating my breakfast and 2 or 3 bites in i was literally sick and had no desire to finish it. My appetite was literally now non existant. I also had no thirst. Severe anxiety washed over me in waves. I got on the internet and started researching cipro side effects. What i read scared the hell out of me. This illness is degenerative and you will get worse for months or years before you get better IF you even get better at all. Thankfully I also found floxiehope and bought the fluoroquinolone toxity solution. I also read the Flox report cover to cover. I started suffering from severe chemical depression. The best way to describe chemical depression is “nothing you do brings you pleasure and you have no peace.” My heart began to race and palpatate. I literally thought i was dying. My wife was floxed at exactly the same time i was and was in a mental institution for attempting suicide. This is the first and hopefully only time my wife has ever attempted suicide. So other than help from my mother who is a saint and was very helpful. I was going through all of this alone. My son is nine years old, I hated for him to see me like this and I am sure it made for a bad summer for him. My legs hurt constantly. My joints were stiff and popped loudly. My mouth was constantly dry and i have braces. It is a very bad combination. I had not used wax on my braces since i first had them on but after cipro i had to wax them daily for months. My eyes were severely dry. My urine was and still is foamy because my kidneys are not recycling blood proteins like they should be. My skin was so dry it was peeling off in flakes like dandruff. I suffered sever tinnitus (constant loud ringing in my ears). My muscles twitched. I felt electrical shocks in my left shoulder blade. tingling in my lower back and finger tips. It always seemed worse when i was trying to fall asleep. I got a floater in each eye. I was seeing flashes of light and having blurry vision. I went to my eye doctor and he gave me that test where you look at a grid. The lines did not appear straight but were curved. This indicates optical nerve damage. I was refered to a specialist but never went since i figured it was just cipro damage and I did not think they could do a damn thing for me to fix it. I had brain fog so bad I literally wrote down every supplement i took and at what time and wrote down everything i ate and at what time. I had no appetite or thirst and a horrible memory so i had to force myself to eat every so often to survive. My muscles wasted away and i lost 30 lbs. in less than 2 months. After i urinated i had bladder leakage. I had sharp pains in my kidneys ( most likely cipro ripping holes in my nephrons on its way out. I could not stand up for any length of time without my constant leg and foot pain becoming more sever the longer i stood. I could not walk very long at all. I experienced what i have heard others call “wired but tired”. Wide awake yet exhausted mentally and physically. My hearing was hypersensitive and noises hurt my ears. My sense of smell was intensified. Women’s perfume would about choke me. I had a worsening of my existing acid reflux. Along with many other GI issues. I had tendonitis in my hands forearms and legs. I found Progressive Medical Center in Dunwoody Georgia and saw Dr. Malone who is awesome and knows about FQ toxicity. I recieved a Blood panel that revealed that my kidneys were working decent enough but my thyroid and adrenal glands were hit hard. My T3 was almost non existant. I received four Ozone UVB therapies. I would have had more but I did not really have the money and i also had to miss a day of work for each treatment. I am a department head for a small city and am glad i have that position. If my job was labor intensive i would not have been able to do it while going through my hyper-acute phase. I took a ton of different supplements the 2 that i felt an immediate improvement on were ASEA water and C60-OO. I took epsom salt baths very often. I read the recovery stories on floxiehope every day. I looked forward to my six month out point so i could evaluate myself and hoped i would not be severe. I have a water cooler and use Highland Mountain water. ( spring water) so i am not poisoning myself with flouridated water. I also use Tom’s toothpaste and Jason powersmile mouthwash all flouride free. I spent more time on the couch with my feet propped up than i ever have in my entire life. It seemed to reduce the constant pain in my legs. I watched a lot of Netflix. Six months came and I was thrilled at the results of my evaluation. With the exception of the floaters and foamy urine and im not sure about my adrenals or thyroid have not had another blood test yet, all of my other symptoms have improved or are completely gone. I was somewhere between mild and intermediate. It has been seven months now and the remaining symptoms are tolerable and i am hopeful that they will eventually be completely gone except for my floaters. floaters are permanent. I still suffer from foamy urine, a less reliable memory, minor tinnitus, minor and occasional foot pain. very minor and occasional neuropathy. more soreness than usual after excercise. No thirst. My appetite has returned but hunger feels different now. I just want to say thank you to everyone on this forum. Special thanks to Lisa Bloomquist and i would like to eventually tell my story on floxiehope. Special thanks to Bill Milligan. I related to your story thank you for sharing it.

** The story above is truthful, accurate and told to the best of the ability of the writer.  It is not intended as medical advice.  No person who submits their stories, nor the people associated with this site, diagnoses or treats any illness.  The story above should not be substituted for professionally provided medical advice.  Please consult your doctor before trying anything that has been mentioned in this story, or in any other story on this site.

12 thoughts on “Aaron’s Story – Cipro Toxicity

  1. Am in a VERY similar situation, and may have some insights which I will share in upcoming posts.
    First, an important question before I weigh in:
    Do you know the manufacturer of the “Cipro” which you took?
    Bayer is the ‘brand name’ and not covered by insurance, due to insane pricing.
    PLEASE find out which generic you
    received, as I believe that information
    is potentially crucial to uncovering the precise mechanism which caused the horror which you you described. Wish you well!
    Bob in Pennsylvania, 12/19/2015

    • Bob thank you in advance. Teva is the manufacturer. i only took one pill after that i got liquid because i have a hard time swallowing pills i took it twice a day for 7 days. was supposed to be 10 but i cut it short.

  2. Whenever I go on missions trips to Guatemala we always are prescribed Ciprofloxacin. Since 2009 whenever I used it nothing bad ever happens to me. We only use it for that week when we go. It’s obvious that you are more than likely allergic to this meditation.

    • There are certainly people who don’t react as horribly to this medication as Aaron did. However, please keep in mind that there is no way to tell who will react this horribly to this medication before they take it. It’s a bit like Russian Roulette – and you shouldn’t be playing Russian Roulette when you take a simple antibiotic. There ARE safer medications available – especially for something like simple travelers’ diarrhea. Also note that there are tolerance thresholds for this medication. I was fine the first time I took it. It obliterated me the second time I took it. Others have taken 100 pills, and the 101st pill pushed them over the edge. These reactions are not allergic reactions – they are not healed by antihistamines or steroids. They cause severe cellular damage and chronic illness. I certainly hope that you don’t suffer from fluoroquinolone toxicity the next time that you take Cipro, but don’t assume that you are immune just because you haven’t had trouble in the past.

      • I would like to support what Lisa has said. No one knows who will be seriously affected and when. By the very nature of the Fluoroquinolone antibiotics, they are designed to disrupt the DNA of the bacteria and stop its reproduction. Now we know that it WILL also disrupt the DNA of the person it is administered to. Make no mistake!!! Fluoroquinolones do affect EVERYONE who takes them. Let me repeat that…….. EVERYONE is affected to some degree. How severely and how soon? You won’t know until it is too late.
        30+ years ago I was in on the clinical trials of Cipro. After 25 years of taking every antibiotic in the arsenal for a (doctor caused) chronic UTI Cipro came to market. Over 30+ years I have probably taken 1,000 Cipro pills. From the beginning I did not feel quite right but no reason was apparent. In October 2017 I went to the ER because of a UTI flare up and was given an IV of Leviquin. I followed it with 10 days of (my favorite) Cipro and the infection subsided. BINGO!!! I reached my tolerance limit and the “unusual” symptoms of the past came on like gang busters. I finally found the various Internet web sites that discussed the insidious and devastating things that Fluoroquinolones can cause. Now I realize I am a “floxie” and must cope with it.
        As Lisa says. You are playing Russian Roulette, but you are playing Russian Roulette with a 6 shot revolver loaded with 3 or more bullets.

  3. I feel for you and having experienced effects of fluoroquinolones, I understand what you have been through, unfortunately. I am very happy things are on the upswing.
    I hesitated to write and say, “you should” but I decided to mention my experience with my eyes, because what you wrote sounded too familiar. I too had issues with the grid test and floaters, and what happened to me turned out to be a macular hole in my right retina. I had surgery for it and it was repaired; my vision is not perfect but far better than what it deteriorated to; I essentially lost the sight in my eye before it was repaired. I also had to have cataract surgeries (cataracts are a known complication of retina surgery like this). It is unknown as to whether the antibiotic caused or accelerated a condition that might have happened anyway (I am severely nearsighted which is a pointer for retinal issues), but I have my suspicions, as I do know retinal issues are a side effect.
    I would be very careful on the eye issue as, if the retina is involved, there are treatments, and the consequences of overlooking irregularities with it are very severe. I now have floaters in my left eye (the “good” one) and so I am being monitored, given my history. As I said, I don’t know what, if anything, the drug contributed, but…

    Good luck to you and continued healing.

    • thank you for your input. after reading what you went through i will go have it checked out. if it was not for other floxies i would not have had a clue what to do. mainstream medical “professionals” are so ignorant and dead set on staying that way. if someone had warned me prior to getting floxed i would have listened.

  4. Hi Aaron
    I Wonder about The hearing supersensitivity, did that go away completely for you? I have that, and every sound Hurt my ears and head. How long was it before it got better for you?
    Regards Ann

    • sorry for the delayed response. I still have sensitive hearing and tinnitus. it is less severe than it was. i think around four months out my symptoms began to improve. I am still only 10 months out so i am hopeful i will continue to improve.

      • Thanks for your answer Aaron
        Okay that is good that you are improving. I also have tinnitus, but that has gotten a little better, but this sensitivity to sound is awful, its hurting my ears and head. But like you, i hope that this Will improve with time. But i have so much more to handle to, problems with my eyes, dizziness, off balance, pain in my body, popping joints, fatigue, nightmares, insomnia, headpressure and headaches and so much more. Regards Ann

        • If you can afford it; I recommend ozone therapy. just google ozone therapy providers in your area. they all require a blood panel that your insurance probly wont cover. mine was 575 dollars. My treatments were around 100 dollars each. memory is failing me but worth every penny. if i had a lot of money i would get 20 ozone therapies and 40 hyperbaric oxygen therapies. My budget now is just bearbones supplements and hope for the best though. Hope you make a full recovery soon with no permanent damage.

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