Andrew’s Story – Life Devastation from Cipro


This is my story.  Add it to the other terrible stories on this website to show the world what kind of devastation these antibiotics are capable of.  I never intended to write on the wall of pain because I always thought I would recover, and quite frankly in doing this it brings up more pain.  FYI –  this is a long post.  Don’t read it if you are newly floxed.

I’ll start with describing my life prior to Cipro.  I used to enjoy SO MUCH that life had to offer.  I probably had too many interests and activities.  Some of these were:  snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking the rockies, playing soccer with my daughter, (anything involving being active with my daughter), road biking, lifting weights and playing ice hockey many times a week.  I was in a few adult hockey leagues.  I also enjoyed trying to learn the banjo.  I was really into art.  I used to do pastel drawings but my main passion was sculpting and I had plans of retiring as a sculptor.  I was in pretty good shape.  I was intelligent, sharp, and witty with a good sense of humor.  I was social.  I was confident.  I was generally happy.

I took Cipro in late December 2011 through January of 2012.  I was on 500mg twice daily for prostatitis.  I had never had anything like prostatitis before but I knew I wanted it gone asap.  After being on the medication for well over a week with no issues I started to develop pain in my forearms.  Initially this didn’t bother me and I attributed it to a long round of puck shooting when I went to skate days prior.  This forearm pain got worse to the point I started to wonder if it was the Cipro.

I started to google info on my forearm issue and I ran across horror stories online about how cipro had “ruined” people’s lives.  That word “ruined” kept coming up in these stories and I couldn’t really believe it.  I had been a pharmacist for years and never heard of lives being ruined by fluoroquinolones unless it was torsades related.  I didn’t believe these people on the internet.  Their stories didn’t match up with the FDA approved package insert.  At that time I trusted the FDA.  I took the med a few more days with the idea that if the pain stayed or if it progressed I would quit the Cipro.  The prostatitis still hurt worse than the forearm pain.  What was the worst that could happen?  A torn tendon?  I woke up one day with achilles and right shoulder pain.  Ok that was a definite warning sign.  I immediately stopped taking Cipro.

My forearm tendonitis got worse but thankfully the achilles and shoulder pain went away within a day or so and it made me wonder if I had quit Cipro unnecessarily but I stuck with my decision.  Eventually my forearms hurt so bad it was difficult to open doors, wash my face and brush my teeth.  My forearms hurt like this for at least 6 months (to this day they have never fully recovered) but hey at least nothing like that crazy stuff on the internet happened to me… right?  Life went on and I completely forgot about Cipro.  I continued to be very active playing hockey, going on backpacking trips, hiking etc.  That summer I hurt my right shoulder doing pull ups but chalked it up to the fact that I hadn’t done them in awhile.

Near the end of 2012 I wanted to start working out again since I had quit for most of the year but my nagging right shoulder along with my still  recovering forearm tendonitis prevented me.  I finally started an intense workout program in March of 2013 after my shoulder felt better and that is when I noticed that my shoulders felt loose and crunchy.  I felt grinding and popping in both of them.  This is when the wheels started to fall off.  I had to quit working out not even a week into my program because of the sharp pain in my right shoulder.

It was also  in late 2012 and early 2013 that I started to experience anxiety and brain fog.  I had trouble focusing at work.  I really didn’t think too much of it.  I had shoulder issues and forearm issues but that was it.  Then in the summer of 2013 I developed knee pain.  Then in the winter of 2013 hip pain, along with dry eyes, dry skin, ringing in the ears, TMJ in my jaw and the occasional strange flash of light comet type thing.  I developed floaters.  In 2014 my autonomic dysfunction (that I had prior to all of this) got worse.  I started to feel like I was going to pass out or die when I exercised.  I started to feel more lightheaded and foggy at work.  I started to feel like I was going to pass out especially when I got in a tense situation that involved a lot of stress.  I started to notice a correlation with this brain fog with my coffee drinking (even though by this time I had intense brain fog all of the time).  I soon realized that I couldn’t tolerate coffee anymore.  I developed a fibrillating feeling in my chest that corresponded to feeling like I was going to pass out.  The lightheadedness and fibrillating feeling continued despite me quitting coffee.

In 2015 the pain spread to my hands.  I noticed that I could no longer play my stringed instruments because my hands would get so painful so quickly.  Mainly this was in my thumbs.  I could no longer sculpt because of this and the fact that my eyesight was getting worse.  I started finding it hard to read.  It seemed like parts of my vision were missing.  I went to eye specialist after eye specialist and they could find nothing.  I still have this problem.  For example I have to look at my wife’s right eye if I want to see her whole face.  If I look at her left eye part of the right side of her face is missing.  You would think this would show up on eye tests but it doesn’t.  It reminds me of the strange vision some people get with migraines.

In the summer of 2015 I had a little reprieve from some of my symptoms.  I got on my road bike and through pain I went on a few 20 mile rides.  I thought I was getting better so I went hiking with my wife and went many miles.  After this hiking trip my knees were never the same.  They have since become loose with some strange popping.  The backs of them hurt bad all of the time.  I feel like I can hardly walk a few blocks now without feeling some major pain and a swelling feeling.  In late 2015 I started on testosterone and glutathione injections.  (My testosterone levels were low for the first time in my life)  I developed some pretty severe hamstring tendonosis despite not being that active at that time.  Since last fall/winter of 2015 I have become inactive.  I do nothing physical anymore.  I feel like my body breaks down when I do.  The new addition to my pain, which has far surpassed my torn right shoulder labrum, both my torn hip labrums, my right knee torn meniscus has been my back.  I feel nearly constant back pain from my lumbar to between my shoulder blades.  It seems to be getting worse.  I feel like the glutathione and testosterone might have made me worse but I’m not sure.

I have been to many Dr.s, family drs, orthopedic surgeon, 2 rheumatologists, many eye docs, a neurologist, a regenerative medicine Dr.  I have had MRI’s, some of my brain.  I have had many tests which nearly all come up normal.  Nobody so far has been able to help me.  I failed a cognitive function test with the neurologist.  I have severe brain fog to the point of feeling like I have dementia at times.  I am no longer social as I have problems carrying on a conversation.  My mind blanks out a lot.  I have problems with word finding.  I even feel like I have to fight slurring my speech at times.  I have problems with typing now.  I used to type very fast.  I have problems with reading comprehension and find myself re reading things a lot.  I get confused often.  I feel like my mind plays tricks on me.

I don’t know why all of the information says that fluoroquinolone toxicity can develop as late as 6 months, or even many months.  It seems like it is still developing with me.  Nearly all of my symptoms came OVER A YEAR after I took this evil poison.  This whole thing has been so bizarre.  In a million years I could never have dreamed up a worse nightmare for myself.

People don’t understand what it’s like to be floxed.  People look from the outside and see normal.

What is it like to be severely floxed?  You wake up every day in a nightmare that you can’t get out of.  You wake every day in pain.  You become fragile and weak.  You injure yourself easily.  You feel 100 years old.  Your IQ feels like it is dropping by the day.  Your body creaks, grinds and pops.  You can no longer do any of the things that made life fun and enjoyable.  You no longer exercise.  You try all day long to find Dr.s, information on the internet, anything that will help you.  You spend countless hours on floxie hope, various facebook groups trying to find help.  You look into candida overgrowth.  Fluoride poisoning.  Leaky gut.  Mercury poisoning.  You become obsessed.  You become paranoid.  You think  “what other types of evil chemicals has man concocted and are they in my food, water supply etc”.  You read many studies on fluoroquinolones that don’t help you.  You cut out gluten.  You cut out GMO’s.  You try various diets.  You cut out anything that has antibiotics in it.  You eat only organic.  You can no longer go to a restaurant with your wife on a date.  You buy books.  You read them.  They don’t help.  You take 40 supplements a day to try to reverse this horrific nightmare.  You avoid people because your brain isn’t working.  You lose friendships.  You become isolated.  You find yourself crying at work or at random times.  You want to do fun things with your family but you can’t.  You can only watch tv and movies now.  You used to be the active dad that played soccer with her daughter and all of the other kids but now you watch.  You watch life go by from the sidelines.  You want intimacy with your wife but your body doesn’t always work like it used to and you don’t have the drive you used to.  You stop going to church because being social is too stressful for you.  You become forgetful.  You can’t remember things you did earlier in the day.  You find yourself falling behind on yard maintenance, things around the house, bills etc.  You feel like you are failing your family.  Mowing the yard is a workout and painful.  You can barely make it through the day at work.  You avoid contact with coworkers because you know your aren’t right anymore.  You become silent.  You aren’t funny anymore.  You don’t have a personality anymore.  People start to think you are weird, antisocial, lazy but really you just can’t think and you hurt all of the time.  You want to walk out of work, out of your life but you have bills to pay and a family to provide for.  You are anxious.  You are beyond stressed out.  You pray for healing constantly.   Eventually you start to pray for death, for terminal cancer, anything that has an end in sight.  Anything that will end this nightmare.  Anything that will end the pain.  You start to think about suicide.  You start to fight suicidal thoughts.  You are hanging on by a thread, every single day and most of the people around you have no clue.  You are no longer you.

This type of thing shouldn’t happen from taking an antibiotic 4.5 years ago but it did.  Sadly, it will continue to happen to others.  How many people (especially the elderly) are out there going through the same type thing but have no clue it was an antibiotic they took years prior??  The majority will be women and elderly because that demographics gets fluoroquinolones the most.

It won’t always be like this, the pain and suffering.  If you are fortunate to have good health, that won’t last either.  I have to remember that.  Inevitably our bodies will deteriorate to the point of death and then eternity begins.  I like to think that the real life will begin.

Revelation 21 :

Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,”[a] for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.2 I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. 3 And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. 4 ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’[b] or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

5 He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!”

I struggle to have hope for this life but what keeps me going is my amazing wife (who I’ve only been married to for two years, she’s been through so much with this), my daughter and most of all my faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior and thoughts of the afterlife.  If you don’t know the good news about Jesus Christ contact me through Lisa if you want to learn.  If I didn’t have these in my life I would be 6 feet underground by now for sure.  I would have taken my own life.  I understand why this class of medication has a fairly high suicide rate.  There are worse things in life than death.  I continue to pray for a miracle because I do believe in that sort of thing.  Hopefully, God willing, there will be healing in this lifetime.  I also look forward to the next life where there will be no greed driven corruption that destroys other people’s health, quality of life, relationships, and families for the price of a prescription.  The drug companies and the FDA have known about these quality of life destroying reactions for years and years but didn’t warn us adequately until this year, and still the warning isn’t good enough.

** The story above is truthful, accurate and told to the best of the ability of the writer. It is not intended as medical advice. No person who submits his or her story, nor the people associated with, diagnoses or treats any illness. The story above should not be substituted for professionally provided medical advice. Please consult your doctor before trying anything that has been mentioned in this story, or in any other story on this site. Please also note that people have varying responses to the treatments mentioned in each story. What helps one person may not help, and may even hurt, another person. It is important that you understand that supplements, IVs, essential oils, and all other treatments, effect people differently depending on the millions of variables that make each of us unique. Please use appropriate caution and prudence, and get professional medical advice.

21 thoughts on “Andrew’s Story – Life Devastation from Cipro

  1. I am so sorry for what you are going through. I was severely floxed about 1 year and 8 months ago, with around 30 hideous side effects, the worst being suffocating-like breathing where I was gasping for every breath for months; olfactory nerve damage where everything in the world aphyxiated—truly nightmarish. everything smelled as strong as bleach. I could not have lived had that continued and blurred vision, huge floaters and a terrifying “light show” in my eye. There was also the worst pain I had ever experienced (and I had had cracked ribs before) and my gut was so destroyed I dropped from 145 to 112 within a couple months. I felt like I was dying and wanted to die. I couldn’t imagine one could feel so sick. What helped me was nutrient IVs (including glutathione.) I too saw a dozen doctors who almost all said “couldn’t be the cipro.” They are brainwashed by big pharma drenched education. I dumped every single doctor I had then, including my eye doctor (who I found on dollars for docs as having taken $25,000 from the pharmaceutical industry last year). I ONLY see integrative doctors or NDs now. I still have some side effects—mostly nerve damage related. Although I had tendonitis in the writst and thumb, I thought I had dodged the bullet of any major tendon issues. Then just a month ago, as I was getting out of bed, I crumpled in a heap. I couldn’t support my weight. Had an MRI. Torn meniscus, which I think is also from the Cipro since I was doing absolutely nothing at the time. Though only the one knee was MRI’d I think I have the same problem in the left knee based on the way if feels. That poison just eats its way fhrough any kind of connection tissue. I refuse surgery. (And reports are that it really is no better than other options.) Stem cell is supposed to be the best but I can’t afford it. So I opted for prolozone, which is an injection of procaine and ozone to help it heal itself. So far so good. I would encourage you to look into IVs. Insurance doesn’t cover, which sucks, but I credit them to getting me back to almost normal.

    • Heartbreakingly true-you captured the anguish if being floxed!
      I started home ozone right after my last fq round even though i didnt know what had hit me…just knew i was dying!
      I’ve been given over 18 rounds of cipro in 8 years-6 just recently-i’m about 6 mo’s out.
      I have a very long list of symptoms-along with most mentioned here but feel making progress with set backs getting further between!
      God bless all us floxies!

      • 18 rounds???? OMG. I had only 4 pills! (But also with prednisone so I am sure that made it worse.) I never had ozone when I got my IVs but I did get H2O2 in a IV, and there appears to be some overlap there. I also know the ozone was used a lot with the Lyme Disease and cancer patients. How do you do it at home?

  2. I too had some of your experiences, and some not. Anxiety and pain was a huge issue for me, but I wanted to say that for me too, it has been my faith in Jesus that pulled me through. Lot’s of prayer helped me through the darkest of times, and I know that He led me down the right path for me to heal. I do not know why I have been blessed with healing in a fairly short amount of time compared to so many, but do not lose hope. I still have a few flare ups, but very manageable now. I do not know what the future has in store for me, but I do know that no matter what, I can count on Him. Thank you for sharing your faith and may God strengthen you and your family.

  3. I’m so sorry Andrew, my wife of 22 years took her own life after struggling for a year of progressively worsening symptoms and opiates. I’m still in a state of shock over the whole ordeal, a year and a half later. I can’t believe it really happened……

    • So so sorry for your loss. Pharmaceuticals are such killers. For months after being given Cipro I was suicidal–the side effects were so terrifying, including feeling like I was suffocating for months on end. The only thing that prevented me from doing it was I didn’t have the means. If I had, I would be long gone. I am glad I got past that phase, but this experience has been so horrific that if I was given the choice between taking a fluoroquinolone or death, I would choose death. My condolences.

  4. ” In late 2015 I started on testosterone and glutathione injections. (My testosterone levels were low for the first time in my life)…I feel like the glutathione and testosterone might have made me worse but I’m not sure.”
    Many of the symptoms you describe (brain fog, fatigue, joint pain, back pain, neck pain, ringing in the ears) sound like the same types of problems I was experiencing prior to commencing treatment for hypogonadism. In my case, I’ve had symptoms of hypogonadism all my life, but it didn’t have much in the way of adverse effects on my health, until my early 40s, when it quite abruptly became much worse. At the time I had no idea what it was and assumed it was just a normal part of the aging process.

    Then in 2011, I discovered that I have a type of body structure called “eunuchoid habitus”, which is caused by having below normal male testosterone levels during childhood and puberty, and is something that’s normally associated with intersex conditions. I’ve since discovered that I have a great deal in common with people who were prenatally exposed to an artificial estrogen called DES (which was, at one time, a widely used treatment for preventing miscarriages). Although doctors and the pharmaceutical industry have steadfastly maintained that exposure to very high levels of artificial estrogen during their prenatal development has no effects on genetic males, my observations suggest otherwise, and I think there’s been a whopping cover up. Hypogonadism is one problem that seems to very commonly occur in DES-exposed males.

    Anyway, you’ve said that you have low testosterone, and many of the symptoms you describe are consistent with low T. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck, and I think low T must be a big part of your problem. Probably the doctor you’re seeing isn’t experienced in treating low T and has messed things up, and that’s the reason why the treatment made you feel worse rather than better. This is something that happens all the time, since, although they usually come out with a great spiel that makes it look like they know what they’re talking about, in actual fact most doctors don’t seem to have the first clue when it comes to treating male hormonal problems.

    Some very common mistakes they make include:
    * administering too low a dose. This has the effect of shutting down whatever remains of the patent’s own testosterone production, but isn’t enough to bring their levels of the hormone up into the normal male range, so that person ends up no better off than they were before (or maybe even worse)
    * with injected T, spacing the injection intervals too far apart. This has the effect of producing big swings in hormone levels, and puts the patient on a physical and emotional rollercoaster. During the peak shortly after the injection, T can end up at supraphysiological levels, which tends to result in very high rates of aromatisation to estradiol (and might downregulate androgen receptor expression too, reducing sensitivity to T). During the trough in the days before the next injection, you no longer have adequate levels of T in your system, and symptoms of hypogonadism re-emerge.
    * failing to keep estradiol under control. There’s an enzyme called aromatase that converts testosterone to estradiol. Some estradiol is normal and healthy, however going on TRT seems to very commonly result in too much estradiol being produced, which tends to negate all the good effects of the T. Unless this is adequately kept under control, it can easily result in the patient feeling worse than before. Two ways of doing this are to use a low dose of an aromatase inhibitor such as arimidex, or use progesterone cream (which you can buy online without a prescription).

    An alternative to going on TRT is to use fertility drugs (clomid and/or HCG) to increase your endogenous T production.

    Two places you can look for more information are:


  5. Andrew – Thank you for sharing your devastating story. MY HEART BREAKS FOR YOU. IT TRULY BREAKS FOR YOU, and everyone else that is suffering so very terribly from these drugs. I am also a fellow strong Christian who was harmed by Cipro and will never again be the same. I WAS 100% HEALTHY BEFORE TAKING CIPRO. I felt and looked like I was 25, even though I am in my early forties. It has been 2 years now since I took 14 pills for a bladder infection (taken September 2014), and I am still suffering and will never, ever be the same. My life and body are permanently altered, and I deal with upsetting and alarming symptoms daily. .

    I have lifelong body-wide tendon damage, bi-lateral hip damage/pain, and a permanently damaged thyroid/endocrine system. The destruction of my thyroid has permanently altered my metabolism and caused weight gain (I had a good, youthful figure – normal metabolism). I am also losing all of my hair long hair that I love. (For a female – this is absolutely devastating to me. I am severely depressed about this. There is nothing doctors can do. I just watch helplessly as it continues to fall out. I have already had 2 wig consultations. I am losing hair despite being on thyroid medicine.) My body can’t absorb the thyroid medicine. Doctors do not know why. I feel that Cipro damaged my cells too much. Doctors do not have any idea the devastation that these drugs do.

    I used to absolutely LOVE to dance. I could dance for hours and hours. I was very good at it. I can no longer dance, no longer exercise AT ALL. I can’t run. I can barely stand on my toes due to the tendon damage. I spent time in a wheelchair 2 months after taking Cipro. I couldn’t walk the day after walking up and down some stairs on Thanksgiving 2014. Cipro destroys your body, so that you can’t use it anymore – even in normal ways like walking up and down stairs. After walking up and down those stairs in November 2014, I had to have physical therapy to regain the ability to walk – because my achilles tendons and calves in both legs were so tight – I could only walk like a duck. I couldn’t roll my foot to walk. I also felt a terrible tearing sensation in my calves if I tried to walk. This was absolutely terrifying. There is nothing to describe how horrible this is – (I know you understand) because you feel so helpless and don’t understand what is happening. It is like you have been poisoned, and your body – your tendons – everything you took for granted – has been grotesquely altered – in a way you can’t even understand or comprehend. It is nothing short of terrifying. The day after I walked up and down some stairs on Thanksgiving 2014 – I could not walk. I could not stand on my toes. I went to Sams Club with my mom and sister – and once in the doorway – realized I could not walk any further. My legs would not work. I hobbled out to a bench – then was taken in a wheelchair to an orthopaedic doctor the next day. I HAD NEVER HAD TROUBLE WALKING IN MY LIFE.

    I have had MRI’s of tendons in my legs twice. The first for being unable to walk after Thanksgiving 2014. (I was diagnosed with severe achilles tendonitis) I did nothing to cause this as I was completely sedentary – other than walking up and down some apartment stairs. The second leg/tendon MRI was in August 2015. I was taking a nap, and was startled awake with the feeling of the tendon in my right leg being severely stretched apart with 2 hands like a rubber band. I just stared at my leg in utter horror – just waiting for the tendon in the back of my leg to rupture – it was being pulled apart so tightly. It finally stopped. I rested – then tried to get up to walk – and could not put weight on it. It felt like there was a “too short” rubber band on the back of my leg that would not allow me to put weight on it. I called my mom, terrified, just crying and crying, saying, “I can’t walk!” I was terrified. My boyfriend took me to urgent care. I had x-rays – then an MRI. They showed a “strained” tendon. I was doing NOTHING but sleeping. AND I HAVE NOT EXERCISED AT ALL SINCE TAKING CIPRO I know that my body is incapable of it, and it will destroy it even further and cause further permanent pain.

    I have also had a pelvic/hip MRI due to burning hip pain. The MRI showed permanent bursitis and tendon damage in both hips. I have to lift myself off of the car seat every time I drive over speed bumps. I can no longer wear the slightest heel, or I will have bad hip pain for days. I can’t do anything repetitive with my hips. I have to walk and move very gingerly – or I will cause further pain to myself. I feel I now have the body of an 85 year old. Because of the tendon damage in my legs (and entire body) and tendon damage and bursitis (inflammation in my hips) – I will never dance, run, exercise, jump, etc again. This is devastating.

    This has all been extremely depressing, and I have cried out to God many times. I don’t understand why they are continuing to prescribe these drugs when they literally maim people – and destroy lives, hopes, dreams, emotions. I do not understand it.

    I am praying for you, Andrew. I am really praying for you. I will mention you to my family, so they can pray for you also. I am so sorry this has happened to you. We don’t understand why horrible, senseless things happen to us, and I, as well, have been extremely depressed and devastated about all of this. I can’t believe this has even happened to me. I can’t believe it.

    I do know, as you do, that God is in control, and He knows our suffering. I was touched by the verses in Revelations that you shared. The truths there are very true. “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’[b] or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

    I know God is so pleased with you – that in all of your pain and suffering – you are continuing to glorify Him and lift Him up and share His word. I know he is very pleased with you. Despite it all – you are continuing to honor Him.

    I am praying for you, Andrew. I pray for complete healing for you – mentally, physically, emotionally. I pray for strength for you for each day. God sees every minute of your suffering. He sees every tear. He has the number of your hairs counted. He collects all of your tears in a bottle.

    Psalm 56:8 “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.”

    He loves you so very much, and His heart is breaking as well – witnessing all of this injustice and greed in this world. Witnessing all of this suffering. My eyes, as well as yours, have now been opened to the greed and corruption in the pharmaceutical industry. It is devastating the amount of lives they are willing to destroy for money. It is incomprehensible and reprehensible. God’s justice will prevail, and He will make things right again. As you said, we have an eternity waiting with Him. This earth (although it feels long) is temporary. I Corinthians 2:9 “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”

    Please know that I care very much what you are going through, and I cry out to God to mend your body – to heal my fellow brother in Christ. He can bring good even out of this. I know this truth, even as I struggle to understand as well.

    He is proud of you for honoring Him, and He will bring good, in some way, even out of this. You have ministered to me reading your post. Thank you. The biblical truths are encouraging to hear. You are not alone. Even though, as you said, on the outside we look fine, we are not fine. We have been poisoned in a very strange way. You are not alone. I understand. I understand. Maybe not every single symptom you are having – but I understand the utter devastation these drugs cause to the human body. I have felt alone many, many, many times – as I felt like I was the only one “out there” that has been so damaged by these drugs. I know no one personally that has been, so I feel alone. But – your story lets me know I am not alone – as it lets others know. We can all pray for each other. God knows intimately what we are going through, and He will bring good out of this – somehow. I pray that for you. Andrew. My family will be praying as well.

    Thank you for reading my long novel. (if you see this) It is cathartic to get it out – although emotionally painful as well. As you well understand.

    God Bless You, Andrew.

    Your sister in Christ,

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I’m so, so, so, so sorry for all the pain that you have experienced! I hope that you, Andrew, and all the other “floxies” will find healing and strength.

      Are you interested in sharing your story of how fluoroquinolones hurt you? If so, please let me know through the “contact” link on this site. It would be great to have your story up on this site to help to spread the word about the dangers of fluoroquinolones.


  6. You had been a pharmacist and you trusted fda?
    people on the internet and crazy stories about cipro,
    and you dont believe? You are brainwashed big farma!
    Irony. Think how many people you poisoned because of fq shit.
    What the world we live in.
    Im in the same situation, floxed few years, no hope, housebound.
    no warning from doctor or pharmacist.
    30 years and people are floxed still.

  7. Andrew, I was not severely floxed, but my acute phase was horrific so for several months it was a waking nightmare. If you have not read the flox report. I recommend you read it because it does say that most people who had a severe reaction get a reduction of symptoms in an average of 3-8 years. taking Cipro was by the far the worst mistake I have ever made in my entire life. My most recent favorite supplement is Shilajit. I use himalayan healing brand. I get it from Amazon. ASEA water and C60-OO was very helpful also. I also take zero pharmaceuticals now and have forsaken western medicine alltogether. and try not to drink anything fluoridated. I think the biggest problem is everyone gets their information from the TV and mainstream internet which pushes the narrative of the lie system we live in which is that you can trust the FDA and pharmaceuticals are good for you, when they are really all poison. Fluoride is poison too. It is a state law for public water systems to poison your water with fluoride. It is a lie that fluoride helps your teeth and bones. It causes bone cancer and that is a fact proven by several studies. along with 50 or more other side effects.

    • Aaron, couldn’t agree more about the narrative everyone gets…and that includes big-pharma indoctrinated doctors. I too am off of most allopaths (will see someone who is integrative)—but I rely mostly on an ND now. And we are one of the last major countries to still fluoridate our water. It is industrial waste from manufacturing aluminum and other products. (I grew up on fluoride toothpaste and fluoride treatments from the DDS and have more cavities than anyone I know.)

      When I see someone boasting their product is FDA approved, my first reaction is “run the other way!” I have cancelled magazine subscriptions for having too many pharmaceutical ads—and told them so. It’s ridiculous…shoved down your throat at every turn.

  8. I am a family nurse practitioner and I have treated 2 women that are 5 years post fluoroquinolones. The symptoms you are having can be reversed. I had them to, but caught them sooner than most. I know you have heard the standard antidotes of magnesium, glutathione, probiotics, hormone therapy etc, but the most important one is MAGNESIUM. There are 2 options that I have found work for almost everyone. Remag, by Carolyn dean. It’s a liquid form that doesn’t make it to the large intestine. It still can if you take to much of it. The other form is topical ancient minerals magnesium oil. You will need to take 4-5 times the dose of remag and put the oil all over your body twice daily. You can apply it to your forearms more frequently. I am preparing to put together a webpage with medical studies and information on how to treat and cure fluoroquinolone toxicity. Obviously ruptured tendons that have already been repaired will never be the same but, here is what can be 100 percent fixed in most cases. Muscle pain, spasms, peripheral neuropathy, vertigo, autonomic dysfunction(tachycardia from stimulants etc. ), GI distress, gastroparesis, brain fog, visual and auditory sensitivity, low energy, anxiety, depression. If you would like to talk personally I can explain in more depth what you can do to get your life back. In 3 months your muscle pain will be gone. You will actually feel a huge difference in as little as 2-4 weeks. Message me on Facebook and I will give you my phone number. I plan on helping all floxies. I was just reading the wall of pain for the first time and it’s time to change the dialogue. There is a cure and I can prove it to anyone that is willing to listen and follow some very simple advice.

    • I think it is a bit wreckless and way overly simplistic to say you can CURE flq toxicity. You cannot fix damaged DNA. MItochondrial damage, which is HUGE, is difficult to treat. Some of us who were severely floxed have other issues such as pericardial effusion, olfactory nerve damage, vision damage. Even Dr Jay Cohen who studied them extensively and wrote a book about it, did not claim to be able to cure. (“How We Can Halt the Cipro and Levaquin Catastrophe: The Worst Medication Disaster in US History.) And btw, I used ancient minerals mag topical and it did NOTHING. Dean’s mag, L-threonate, is a good choice, but so is orotate and taurate and there are others. Magnesium is only ONE of the necessary components.

  9. I understand your hell all too well. In addition to pain, vision problems, extreme anxiety, suicidal thoughts, olfactory nerve damage, peripheral neuropathy, heart issues and extreme breathing problems(and 20 other side effects). I also had torn meniscus. I have a suggestion to offer with that. I had prolozone injections in both knees and both are doing very well. Prolozone (ozone and procaine). Helps your body heal itself naturally. It takes a few months to work but it is worth it band not very expensive. It can be used on tendons and other connective tissue as well. (Some use it say in the hips where there is arthritic pain). I also avoid all mds when possible. I see an integrative internist, an ND. Regular docs are clueless.

  10. I’m so sorry. This happened to me too. My life is over. I was active, swimming every day. I did things with friends. I had hip replacement surgery scheduled and went for an angiogram for problems I had for years. Before that my other cardiologist said I was fine. I was blocked in five places 90 percent, 70, etc. When putting in 5 stints they punched through an artery and it filled my pericardium and also caused A fib. They haven’t been completely honest. Now I can’t even grocery shop or go out without heart pain. I won’t go on but there is lots more. I will pray for you, Jesus is my savior too. I pray He will come soon. Satan wants us to give up but Jesus is on our side and He promises to never leave or forsake us. April Rinaldi

  11. Hey. I’m a pharmacist too. Floxed by levaquin. Let me know if you wanna chat. There’s a special sort of loneliness being a floxie from the medical community. Fellow floxies hate us; colleague don’t understand us.

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