Amber’s Story – Death from Baytril

In Honor of Beloved Best Friend


12/23/2006- 8/22/2019

I am writing this to help others to be aware of the names of two dangerous, destructive synthetic poisons that an ‘emergency Veterinarian” used on my dog that caused rapid and irreversible damage to all of her systems right down to the mitochondrial DNA and resulted in destroying her health and ability to walk or even sit up in a very short time.

It has taken me a while to write this since she passed away from all of their damaging, painful devastating effects on 8/22/2019.  It wasn’t until I stayed with her in her final days and hours and took care of her, that it clicked to go online and check on their side effects, that I knew what had caused this horrific disabling pain and her death.  They are both dangerous fluoroquinolones with extensive black box warnings.  Their names, in our case were: 1. Baytril ( Endofloxin) and 2. Clindamycin.

Additionally, these were given in combination with two steroids which multiply the bad side effects of both drugs ( Dexamethasone- administered during surgery), and Prednisone, after surgery. I don’t know about you, but I never thought I should need to question a Veterinarian prior to surgery to ask every drug they intend to administer during surgery but in this case it would have done no good.  I now know that she has been using this lethal and permanently disabling and destructive combo ‘routinely’ on all surgery patients and others outpatient as well for over 20 years.

Sadly and ironically, I thought I had been aware of these dangerous synthetic poisons being promoted on humans under different names: Cipro ( Ciprofloxin), Levaquan and Avalox ( and more) and had fiercely protected her from being dispensed Cipro by two prior Veterinarians ( I refused them).   I had even discussed this with the Vet – so she knew I said “ No Fluoroquinolones” but she was deceitful and averted her shifty eyes from mine and used both anyways.

You can look up all the side effects yourself but to name a few- she had them all- including death, they were:  permanent and extensive nervous system damage, peripheral neuropathy, paralysis, limp rear legs, unable to walk up any incline, rapid deterioration of also her front legs, inability to lie down on her own and inability to eat.  In the end, I realized they- Clindamycin, especially caused her “ C. Difficile”- horrible, incurable, slimy diarrhea which is painful and like sludge only oozes and drips out forever ( she never had an unformed or inperfect poop every day of her whole, almost 13 years of life).

Also in the end, she had painful intracranial seizures as she neared her final breaths and succumbed to death in such horrific, painful fashion.  The seizures, I think were listed under Baytril side effects as well as inability to walk up any incline.  It was too late for me to save her, so I planned to write here to alert and hopefully save other pets.

Meanwhile, my other remaining dog had an emergency need for surgery and I took her to my trusted Veterinarian.  As he did the presurgery estimate and bloodwork, I happened to ask him what antibiotic he planned to use ( he only wrote ‘antibiotics’ on the estimate).  I was in shock when he answered “ Baytril ( Endofloxin)”.  I shook my head vehemently “ NO” and he, being reputable and honest and honoring the owner’s feelings, looked me in the eye and said “ No problem, we have other choices to use: Clavamox ( Amoxi based) or Keflex ( cephalexin).

I ok’d these and ended up bringing in left over Clavamox from my now deceased dog, so that was what was used.

From this, I realized how there was a reason to everything since if I had not witnessed all the devastation they caused, I wouldn’t have realized what they were and googled their side effects.

Also, if not for my first girl’s sacrifice ( Amber), I might have still not asked about antibiotic choice or even recognized what Baytril was!   I could have killed, lost or maimed my remaining dog.

So Amber saved my other dog,( her sister) from her fate. God Bless Her and hug her, R.I.P sweetheart.

Now that that surgery went well and she will make it to her suture removal appt this Monday, unlike Amber who passed away before hers, I feel finally able to write this to warn and hopefully save others.

The pharmaceutical companies are marketing these heavily and we need to protect ourselves and our beloved pets from their devastation and rapid destruction on every level.  I even read they now are pushing eardrops for children under age 4, called “ Ciprodex drops” and David Perlmutter, MD ( The Empowering Neurologist) further educates us as these are extremely neurotoxic, lethal drugs which do great neurological harm with each use.

I am in shock as to how many people ( and most Veterinarians as well as MDs) avidly defend their use, all the while minimizing or denying that they have damaging effects.  I hope and pray that our story can help others avoid these very destructive and permanently disabling drugs from hurting their beloved pets or themselves.  God Bless you all and please give your pets an extra hug for Amber tonight..   She is dearly missed, but finally out of pain, I know and trust.

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