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NOT to be used as a first line of defense.
Billion of dollars are spent every year on the damage these drugs cause ripping people lives apart.

Who Cares? Not Johnson and Johnson

In December 2012, the Dannelly family posed happily for their Christmas card photo blissfully unaware that it would be their last. One month later Levaquin changed their lives forever. Chris Dannelly (beloved husband and father), came down with a bad cold and went to see a doctor over the weekend. He was diagnosed with pneumonia and was given two pills of Levaquin. Unfortunately, he had an immediate adverse reaction to the fluoroquinolone antibiotics, and began experiencing excruciating limb pain.

Kathy Dannelly (Chris’s wife) took him to see their family physician the following Monday. At that time his doctor saw no sign of pneumonia, but it was too late, he had already taken two pills of Levaquin unnecessarily. The following day he had to be rushed to the emergency room at the John’s Creek, Georgia Emory location with increasing pain. They administered multiple doses of morphine to no avail…the pain never stopped.

Tragically, by Wednesday Chris coded and was charged 18 times in an attempt to save his life. He went into a coma and his death was officially called the following morning on January 17, 2013 at 8:15 am. After reviewing the autopsy report, doctors stated that “all signs point to Levaquin” as being the cause of death. Mr. Dannelly was survived by his loving wife Kathy of 12.5 years, his 7 year old son, and his 4 year old daughter. The last time his children saw him alive he was crying in a wheelchair in unbearable pain.

Chris was a healthy, active man in the prime of his life. He worked out five days per week, and enjoyed playing both indoor and outdoor soccer regularly. Within a matter of less than a week’s time he went from being perfectly healthy, to losing his life…all because he took two little pills of Levaquin.

Kathy Dannelly, has courageously decided to share her husband’s story in an attempt to educate the public about the risks involved with taking fluoroquinolone antibiotics. She feels that their family’s happily ever after was stolen from them, and she doesn’t want to see this happen to any other families. Media sources may reach Mrs. Dannelly at . We would like to express our condolences to Kathy and their precious children. We are so very sorry for your loss. Please know that your efforts to raise awareness are greatly appreciated, and that what happened to your husband will not be forgotten. May he rest in peace.

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