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The following is what I have written in the hopes to one day be able to travel and see doctors and nurses in the eye and talk and see that we are human too. I am getting worse I am out of money and waiting for my long term disability to be approved to get more testing done. Till that time I hold on to hope I get my IV once a month and I look forward to a day when this will be but a memory and a issue I have over come. I really do think that now all over the world people are crying out for change. I believe in every part of what we currently use for process for the world to move forward this change must occur in all parts of government to the medical system the banking system etc… It’s hard for me to sit and do nothing. I can’t do much but I can try to help push for change. So if you like what I have written what has taken me months to properly formulate due to my symptoms please share. 

Dear Doctors,

I’m 36 years old and I have been damaged severely by antibiotics.

I know these words will make you tense some of you may have already stopped listening but I ask you to think why you are so afraid to hear my words, to quickly discount me, to try and silence me.

I am 2 years out from this and have gotten worse. I had zero of my current symptoms prior to taking the medication and yet Drs are quick to look at other possible reasons for my symptoms that have lead to me becoming disabled rather than accepting the fact that side effects from pills caused this.

My question to you is why? That is something that each of you must answer for yourself. It may be fear that you have indeed done harm by prescribing these antibiotics to others, it may be ego, it may be because me standing here telling you that the rates at which people are being damaged by pills is growing and that offends you because how dare someone who has not gone through the training you have dare question you.

I know that it is a difficult job to be in the field of HEALING. I use that word because that is truly the field you have chosen. It is to heal. My question to you is then why are we floxies so scary? Why do you want to discount us? I may be one person but I represent thousands of men, women, and children who have been harmed. Who are continued to be harmed. We looked for healing and because it is called the “medical” field and not the healing field and because Drs are encouraged and trained to see as many patients as quickly as possible do not become attached don’t see me as a human I am discounted and marginalized. I am quite real and there is a problem with the way we look at healing today.

I ask and would love the answer as to why naturopathic and holistic healing are not combined in a larger scale today. Why patients are not allowed to choose to have an IV or oil of oregano as their antibiotic rather than one made by the pharmaceutical industry. If it’s really all about healing than why can’t these worlds be combined and outside companies who have not been tainted be used to see if integrative methodology of healing is truly the best form? When you laugh or smirk at this that is your ego talking. No one person knows everything and yet naturopathic and holistic healing is consistently down played in western society as a whole. My question is it ego that is preventing this integration to increase, is it pressure and power from the pharmaceutical industry to only use their methods, is it lack of knowledge about natural and holistic healing? My belief is that it is a combination of all three and I am sure other issues such as the question has healing become a business and when you turn people away due to lack of funds  or when the billing department dictates who gets to be seen by a Dr based on insurance and not need what message does that send.

I ask that you look at me as see I am very real, I am human and I deserve and every person on this planet deserves to be treated as such. When you marginalize me or say well side effects happen all of the time you are telling us that we are an accident and we do not count. We do count I can assure you the pain and the frustration alienation that we receive are very real. The message to us is very clear that we scare you that we are a reminder that western medicine does do harm and you want us to go away. I am here to say please stop fearing us and let’s all work together to find a way to minimize damage to create better methods to hold those that create drugs that do damage accountable and to get back to healing everyone by using the safest and most effective method.


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