Tami Lucas

Tami Lucas

Tami started the Facebook Fluoroquinolone Wall of Pain in 2009.  She has been a tireless advocate for both awareness of the pain and suffering caused by fluoroquinolones, and for justice for the victims of fluoroquinolones since she was “floxed” in 2005.  Her story of pain can be found here – https://fqwallofpain.com/2014/06/16/tamis-story/.  She can be reached at tamra.lucas@aol.com.

Lisa Bloomquist

Lisa wall of pain

Lisa Bloomquist was “floxed” in 2011 by cipro/ciprofloxacin.  She is the founder of Floxie Hope – a site to give hope for healing to those adversely affected by fluoroquinolone antibiotics.  Her story of pain can be found here –https://fqwallofpain.com/2014/06/16/lisas-story/.  Her story of healing can be found here – http://floxiehope.com/lisas-recovery-story-cipro-toxicity/  .  She can be reached at floxiehope@gmail.com.




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