Janet’s Story – Levaquin and Prednisone

Janet FQwall

My name is Janet, I have decided to write my story, before someone else might have to do it. So far this is not a victory story, but I do not know the ending….
I came from Canada to come down and marry the love of my life and got poisoned. …Ten long years long distance until I made it to the USA to be with my love. I had health issues most of my life. CFS or now what they think is mitochondrial disease but I had my good times, always tired but never in horrible pain. I had been given cipro in Canada several times for bronchitis.

The first floxing was a delayed reaction to levaquin and prednisone give to me for bronchitis. Three months later I woke up with a frozen shoulder . Pain was like nothing I have ever experience and I have broken bones before from equestrian riding. More cortisone shots into the arm, 7 months of therapy hands on and it healed, but healed damaged. It has been a year and a half and still very painful to this day.. That I could have lived with.. I could still do my jewelry shows with my husband and live life.
A few months later I was given levaquin with prednisone again for bronchitis which was severe. Again three months later I woke up screaming , vomiting and what I think was a seizure OR the drug crossing the brain barrier into the spine as I had a bullet like feeling going through my neck. I could not move my legs without horrible pain, walk, and severe pain hit into my buttock bone area. Off I went to so many doctors with no answers. I started looking through my medications and saw levaquin with prednisone twice and started doing some research.
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