Stu’s Story – Permanent Peripheral Neuropathy from Cipro

Six years ago I was put on a 3 1/2 week therapy(seems so paradoxical to even use that word)of Cipro twice a day. I have been in medical sales all of my professional career and should have taken closer notice, that my legs were hurting me and should have stopped immediately. I took a generic so there is no recourse legally for the damage that was done.

I have never recovered, in fact, in many ways symptoms have grown worse. Post Cipro I was left with Peripheral Neuropathy in both feet, shins, calves, 24/7 365.

It is daily torture and difficult to live with(but its better than the alternative). I also deal with diffuse pain all over my body and no doctor can tell me the cause. I have Idopathic Peripheral Neuropathy(meaning, there is no known cause).

Each doctor I have seen, I tell them that I know that the Cipro was the culprit, to which, they look at me like I have two heads.

I have been examined, tested, leaving me again with no answer(s). I have tried Lyrica, Amytriptoline, Nortriptoline, Gapapentin, they only made me feel really spaced out, with no relief.

I have been through Electric Signal Therapy, Reif Lamp Therapy, Himalayan salt foot bathes(to leech out the toxins), also with no relief.

I visit a Restorative/Rehabilitative MD, who has had me follow various diets(Elimination Diet, Detoxing Diet, Mitochondrial Diet)and lots of supplements directed toward reducing toxins in my body, reducing inflamation, improve the daily torture. As of yet, nothing has helped.

I started several weeks ago LDN (low dose Naltrexone), which is supposed to help with the pain and discomfort. We shall see, the jury is still out.

I have been ingesting CBD Hemp Extract for over six months now, hoping that it will bring relief, but the jury is still out on this one as well.

For over 30 years I was a very serious recreational athlete. I have been around the earth’s circumference two times(52,000 miles)as a result of running the New York City Marathon, having done 12 Olympic Distance Triathlons, thousands upon thousands of miles road biking, roller blading in the street for distance, swimming, running races, as well as being a gym rat.

All of the recreation that I loved so dealy, was taken away from me. I have been so inactive that I have suffered a great degree of muscle wasting. I am attempting to get back some strength by doing Aqua Therapy(but everthing I do feels good for the moment and than I hurt even more). I know that you are supposed to be sore after exercising, but the aftermath, is more than just soreness. I have not gotten yet to a place, where I might not experience the aftermath, as significantly.

Radical exceptance is what I have been told I must embrass. I have to be thankful, for many people, have it far worse. Depression and Anxiety are always close by and without medications to help me with that, I would be far worse off.

Sitting in a chair with my feet on the floor is often times unbearable. I try to walk in spite of knowing that I am going to hurt more as a result, but one foot in front of the other is my only true option.

I try to remain hopeful, that one day, things will improve. It is very difficult to overcome feelings of hopelessness at times, but I fight that monster under my bed, to the best of my ability.

It amazes me that my local Pharmacy sells over 1200 Cipro a week and other than me, no one has been harmed, in the manner that I have.

To all of you who are in similar situations, my heart goes out to you. I pray that we will one day find some peace of mind, body and soul. For those that were harmed, but healed from the damage done, I could not be more thrilled for you.

I don’t want anyone who reads my story to feel hopeless as a result of doing so. My daugther gave birth six weeks ago to our first grand child Brooklyn(girl). We are expecting another grand child in October(a boy). After being terminated from my job of 34 years, and having 2016 as a year I would rather forget(but can’t) I landed a new job whihc I truly love. The CBD Hemp Extract has impacted my emotions in a positive way, so I do not find myself being overly negative.  There is hope to those who believe. As long as we have hope, great things are possible.

I will pray for all who suffer each and everyday, as a result of Big Pharma, caring only about how many more billions they can make, while ruining people’s lives.,

Stu in New Jersey

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